Sammy Hunter Arrives to Ole Miss

A late arrival in Oxford, Mississippi, Sammy Hunter officially joined the Ole Miss Rebels and is quickly becoming acclimated to the Rebels’ basketball programme.

The incoming freshman forward fulfilled his academic requirements over the summer to join fellow Bahamian Franco Miller Jr on the Rebels roster.

Hunter, a consensus three star prospect also joins an incoming class which includes four star prospect Austin Crowley and three star prospects Khadim Sy, Shon Robinson, Antavion Collum and Bryce Williams.

We were able to catch up with Sammy to discuss his summer journey, advice he has for Bahamian athletes, and how he will fit in with the Rebels.

10YS – Talk about the experience you had this summer getting qualified for school?

SH – Pushing to become eligible really showed me that I’m a good student and it made me work even harder to go after what I want.

Through the process I learned so much different requirements for Bahamian students dealing with the NCAA and it’s something that all Bahamian students should learn.

10YS – You emphasized it’s different for a Bahamian student to get qualify, what should Bahamians do while taking classes back home.

SH – Try to take the right amount of courses because we only have certain courses that count.

I would advise everyone to get with their school’s guidance counsellor way before they think about applying to schools just so they know what they will need to take to become eligible.

10YS – You committed to join the Rebels early. What was it like to have that support along the way until you set foot on campus.

SH –  I committed early and it helped because coaches saw what they had to from me, they already had faith in me, they wanted me to do well and it made it easier for my final season.

It took a burden off my shoulders in that final year knowing I had so much people that wished for me to do well, not just in basketball but in life.

10YS – Basketball is more than just what people on the court, what keeps you motivated.

SH – You got to put in time. You have to work hard for everything.

The path is definitely not easy, especially on the basketball court just remember to put God first in everything you do and know that he will iron out all the details for you once you put in that work.

10YS – The Rebels return an experienced backcourt, making the NCAA tournament, what impact and how to you see yourself fitting in on the roster.

SH – I expect to do well this year. I know I have to put in even more time and effort, listening to Coach Davis, the staff and my teammates.

Even with me getting to school late, the guys are already treating me like family and I feel like I’m fitting in very well.

Sammy Hunter, Coach Yo, and Franco Miller Jr

In his final season for the British Colombia Christian Prep Panthers, Hunter averaged 27 points, eight rebounds and three assists per game.

He won MVP at the Signature All-Canadian Showcase and was named to the roster for the BioSteel All-Canadian Game.

Hunter became the latest Bahamian to join Ole Miss basketball within the last two years.

Miller signed with Ole Miss in the 2018 class and was eventually redshirted while the women’s basketball program is also headed by Yolett McPhee-McCuin.

McPhee-McCuin then went on to sign Valerie Nesbitt to the 2019 class.