…and for the Bahamian mothers who aren’t with us. (Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day)

By Drew

Ah yes, mother’s day. The day I try my best to not disappoint my mother yet again by merely existing with tattoos, earrings and a sinful tongue. My mother did not sign up for my aesthetic or energy. She wanted me to be less 50 cent and more Bill Cosby.

A sentiment that has not aged well but sheen know and ine tellin her

Don’t worry this won’t be another 2,000 word article about how our government sucks or why village road ain finish yet: I’ll save that for another day. But while we enjoy our mothers today and take them for too expensive lunches surrounded by too many people eating too much food at a place with too little customer service….


…let’s remember the mothers that aren’t here. The ones we lost. I have no idea what that must feel like to have droves of people exclaiming, “happy mother’s day!” all day while you don’t have yours. I have friends and family who lost mothers this year. It never gets easier and losing a mother is like losing an appendage.

So for all the mother’s having a heavenly mothers day…..

Happy Mother’s day, queens! We miss you

And to those silently grieving behind smiles, laughter and hugs…..I pray for strength for you today. It NEVER gets easier…..we just cope better.

Let’s celebrate ALL mothers today. On earth…..and beyond.

And to my earthly queen…

Love you longer than they can finish the Village road upgrade #FullCircle

Love and light to all of you.

Be safe tho.