The Problem With Homosexual Bahamians (And Why It’s Annoying)

By Drew

A moment of honesty: I have had premarital sex…..badly. I have a plethora of tattoos, I have 2 pierced ears, I swear….A LOT. I also have a tendency to litter in nice neighborhoods because I’m a thug first. Also, I have watched an alarming amount of porn in my day which I’ve vigorously masturbated to in the wee hours.

Maybe he’s born with it….maybe its hours of vigorous masturbation….def not maybeline tho

Don’t get me started on my transgressions when it comes to dating etc. What’s funny is we’re all sinners to some capacity. Some people steal. Some people kill. Most of us don’t kill to be fair: plenty Dobby ass niggas out here.

It’s still fucking assault, you nutsack with legs. But that’s that white elf privilege for ya

None of us are perfect. Shit, even our most holiest of holies among us aren’t without some sin.

….you know…..cause of all the man boy rape and what not.

But the most egregious issue that some Bahamians think is plaguing us are the homosexuals and I’m here to tell ya….they might have a point.

What pisses me off the most about this crew is how dare y’all be this happy bey. Like what gives y’all the right? Y’all just sharply dressed and always look like y’all havin a ball. I’ve never seen one lesbian or gay man looking depressed bey.

They ain even drunk….just gayness and vibes

Y’all know how miserable heterosexuals are?

Y’all been on Instagram lately?

Nothing but Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson and women whose only claim to fame is their BBL’s and thinking because they got surgery “I deserve”. Women moaning and complaining bout what niggas should be payin for and a bunch of bitch incel niggas playing fake woke and hating on black women when lowkey….

…they probably wan indulge in gayness and vibes #Some’aY’allGayOnTheLow

I think the “straight news pundit” niggas make me laugh the most. I seen y’all poppin up on every Bahamian radio station or news program and can’t wait to talk about men’s penises.

I’m sorry but what part of the game is that?

This how them niggas sleep

Why gay niggas on your mind so much? I see gay niggas and my reaction is typically

“Oh shit…they a couple! Thas 2 more women I can juice now! Thanks for lovin niggas, guys! #AppreciateYou” – Me

Y’all see a gay couple and immediately lose your shit. I imagine its 1 of 2 reactions based on the couple.



…or see gay niggas and be on some…


And let me be honest, I was SUPER homophobic in my 20’s.

I remember me at my most homophobic. I was in my sisters room watching VH1. A commercial came on for the second season of RuPauls Drag race. My exact reaction was…

“Bey this fuckin sissy shit gotta stop for real! Buncha bitch niggas dressin like woman! Niggas need to die bey!”

I said that shit….out loud.

I held that sentiment for years. Y’all new gay niggas are living in comparatively the glory years in Nassau cause my generation was beating you up just for being feminine. Ain even confirm if niggas gay or not.

Ine forget.

“…Billy don’t walk lil zesty to y’all or I trippin? Lets burst him with rocks cause he different from us and my old man don’t hug me enough he clearly gay!”

If you were a gay man in the 90’s I could never fathom what you went through but I was for sure part of the problem. For years I harbored ill will towards homosexuals while simultaneously watching lesbian porn. That level of cognitive dissonance is staggering. It wasn’t until a close family member of mine that I grew up with came out as gay.

Bruh….that fucked me up.

Because this was a person I respected and loved. But that was it. That was all it took to change my mind.

Because I still loved and respected them and they never changed.

They didn’t try and initiate me into being gay. They were literally the same person that I grew up with, same jokes, same energy. I think Bahamian people think gay people wanna recruit them into some weird gay army through hypnosis and homosexual manipulation.

“Good day. I know you think vagina is delish but have you ever thought of trying penis? Take this pamphlet about likin man!”

You know how completely arrogant you have to be to think gay people want you so bad that you’re in danger of their gayness? That’s like me walking into a room of women on some….

“Sigh. Now I have to sexually service all these women because women exist and I have a dick and clearly I’m HIM. #Himothy”

That’s not their plan. Their plan is probably to dress me better and send me to their barber for a proper haircut. Shit, if you wanna talk child grooming and manipulation…

THESE niggas wrote the book. These niggas are Jedi’s at manipulating the youth

The problem with homosexuals is that they figured themselves out. It pisses me off that on a 21/7 island y’all were brave enough to live your truth KNOWING the stigma of these pundits who wish harm to you in Jesus name because THAT is what he taught.

“And alas I say unto thee: We do not dance in the chi chi mans dance. Rain fire from heaven and we bun them (bun them). Selah”

I guess they forgot about Jesus’s actual words..

Matthew 7:1-20

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye

Jesus’s words. Not mine.

Niggas out here wanna be gay police so bad. Also, with the rampant crime, incest, murder, sexual assault on our women, marital rape, abuse, The government (BOTH parties) doing shit….gay people is your biggest issue?

Y’all on some….

This them

The problem with these Bahamian homosexuals is their quiet resiliency. I’m a fat nigga. Every day I’m a fat nigga. Monday – Sunday: Fat. I’m very much aware of my size. So everywhere I move I’m fluffing my shirt to cover my belly or sucking my stomach in to take pictures. I don’t let my insecurities control me but they’re there and yet….

I can’t stop eating this shit because fuck y’all I hungry ALL THE TIME #PrayForMe #OrBringMeOhAndros #EitherOne

So imagine being gay in The Bahamas. Every day you either gotta front like you’re not gay or you’re out of the closet and now you got niggas lookin at you crazy.

“…they sissy twinkles I see in your eyes, my nigga? I deserve to know this information!”

That’s actually why I truly believe people are born gay. Cause why would you choose that shit and in The Bahamas of all places. You CHOSE to be gay and your family ostracize you and your friends and loved ones demonize you while being used for content by the church and these pundits claiming your love is “satanic”?

It’s easier to run and hide than to live your truth.

She gets it….if anyone gets it I KNOW she does #CarleeRussell

The problem with these Bahamian homosexuals is that they protect their own. A common stereotype leveraged against them is that they look out for and make sure that other people like them get jobs, opportunities etc on the strength of their comradery.

My energy towards that is…

Ok….go on. I don’t see the issue

All disrespect but maybe women can take a page out of their book as opposed to the black crab syndrome of “I must be the only woman with power in this room!!”.

Shit. BAHAMIANS can take a page out of their book and look out for fellow Bahamians instead of sucking the mediocre dick of expats who we train for jobs and educate only for them to be our bosses in these hotels and banks. Maybe our politicians can take a page out of their book and put Bahamians first as opposed to foreigners who they hire as “consultants” and not educated, highly qualified Bahamians who can do the exact same job as them and probably better.

Y’all mad at solidarity meanwhile BOTH parties are fucking us sideways.

“Bey FNM AND PLP fuck me in both elections but end of the day I find peace in not being gay.” #WILD

The problem with these homosexuals is that they don’t bother y’all. They not in y’all business. They’re not ruining our culture. They don’t affect the economy. They’re just living their lives. The problem with these homosexuals is their truth bothers niggas who sin different than they do. Their truth bothers closeted pastors, politicians, and men of power who can’t live their truth so have to lash out on News networks because…

“If I can’t like man then neither can they!!”

Y’all know how many sins in the Bible ALL OF US break daily? And y’all targeting this one sin? Why does it bother you so much? Long as kids aren’t involved and there’s consent then I don’t see the issue.

So if a sin is a sin is a sin then ya know why I can’t say shit?

Because I have had premarital sex. I have a plethora of tattoos, I have 2 pierced ears, I swear….A LOT. I also have a tendency to litter in nice neighborhoods because I’m a thug first. Also I have watched an alarming amount of porn in my day which I’ve vigorously masturbated to in the wee hours.

Stop likin man and let them niggas be gay.

Y’all wildin.

Be safe tho