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The New Watch Alert podcast returns to discuss the cultural phenomenon ‘Get Out’. We breakdown Jordan Peele’s rise from sketch comedy star to breakout horror director. The best comedies or horrors are grounded in reality and Jordan Peele has created a film that somehow balances both; it’s going to make you laugh, feel uncomfortable at times and definitely scare the shit out of you.

We’ve been trying to coordinate the other members of 10YS to watch this for about 2 weeks now and some how a movie about a young black man being abducted and trapped in a sunken place didn’t appeal to everyone. I wonder why?

Yup…we all know this look.

Daniel Kaluuya

The performance by Daniel Kaluuya isn’t the first memorable performance we’ve seen from him. His  role in season 1 of Black Mirror cemented the show and Kaluuya as the real deal, so here’s an excuse to watch his climactic speech from that episode.

Jordan Peele

Any discussion on Get Out begins with the mind of the guy who spent over 5 years working on the script. Peele has been making the rounds in interviews but this one with the Chad Hardwick from the Nerdist podcast has to be the best and most insightful.

“Wait, they really gonna let me make this? Well Shit.” – JP

Of course Peele is just one half of the Key and Peele duo that owned Comedy Central from 2012 – 2015. They were the natural successor to the Chappell show and you can see the fingerprints of their sketches all and the social issues they tackled all over Get Out.

Key & Peele Sketch Inspirations

Every time there was even a glimmer of the police presence in Get Out well I thought some bad shit was gonna happen and that should tell you but I also couldn’t help but think of this K&P sketch and what it connotes.

And of course in the internet era there will be memes, challenges, and reference that make no sense at all but are kinda funny, but not really, and will make you feel really really really old.

The last thing that Shonny insisted be in here was this Buzzfeed article that highlighted dome of the easter eggs you may have missed while trying to escape the sunken place.

As always thank you for listening and by now you should know the drill.

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