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By 8YJ

I don’t take naps either.

Firstly we need a starting point. After his less than groundbreaking performance at Coachella, and the disappointment that was ‘Views’ Aubrey was left with  shadow of his own hip hop mortality. And no, there was no fear of him falling off finically that won’t happen, commercially ‘Views’ was a hit Drake would be in the penthouse for awhile, but he needed to prove to himself and the culture that he could produce an album worthy of the game’s “best”.

So trapped in a corner getting accolade after accolade and subliminal shot after subliminal shot Aubs had a message….

Inevitably when Drake completes a project there will be a polarized reaction from the people who love anything he puts out “It’s all Habibis tings yah?” BARS! To those people who will say it’s trash from the moment they hear the first note…Well to the later all we can say is…

This goes for people’s reaction to Beyonce, the Oscars, any sports championship, and on and on and on…

This isn’t going to be a breakdown of every track that’s what the podcast is for.  The first highlight goes to ‘Portland’  “A 5s with the screen cracked”, flutes in the background and oh shit QUAVO is on this, just make this song the entire album. If you dislike this song you probably hate puppies, babies, ice-cream and waves.

iRepairSanDiego - Cracked iPhone Screen Repair
Apparently you can buy iPhone 5s with the screen cracked.

Up next we have to talk about “Blem”. Blem is a great song that just happens to have an awful name. Even if you like Drake you have to stand with us to not allow Blem to happen. Like I already see the hashtags with Blem, the captions with Blem, and I’m just talking about myself. We have to draw a line somewhere or else this is going to happen to us….

At this point Drake is like a self-aware artificial intelligence that has mastered the arts of nostalgia and cultural appropriation and we all get to benefit from. This is even more apparent during the “World Music” portions of the album i.e. Passionfruit, Jorja Interlude, Get It Together, Madiba Riddim, Teenage Fever and Do not Disturb.

So while on a nostalgic binge of thinking about rooftop lunches you may have missed a few things…

One of the things you couldn’t miss on the album was the amount of Grime references (side-eye emoji) and Grime artist on More Life. Well that’s all well with in reason of Drake’s musical arc, I expected Skepta  and even Giggs to be on this , but Skepta’s been much better than what you heard so forget the ‘Skepta Interlude’ and just replace it with this on your playlist…

People who love Grime music insist it isn’t hip-hop. Whatever man Trump is president we have bigger things to worry about. Just enjoy this video of accents.

You listen to More Life and figure this is what Drake is; hoping for a turn to conscience rap or a mid-nineties turn to him spitting over DJ Premier beats is probably never going to happen. The music like much of culture now feels disposable, but really so what, do you really care that much? When Blem comes on this summer you’ll love it. When Passionfruit comes on this summer you’ll love it. When KMT comes on at any time of the day at any point for the rest of human history, you’ll love it. Everything doesn’t have to be polarizing, much less a hip-hop artist who named a song Kiss My Teeth. Maybe this is the Drake doctrine and it probably always has been, and maybe it bothers you because it invades the bubble you like so much but in this exact moment just listen to the playlist fam….More Life. More Everything.

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