The Villainization Of The Bahamian Red Woman By The Cowardly Bahamian Man

By Drew

We’ve seen all the memes haven’t we? Shit….I made some of them. 25% of my Instagram is content designed to slander red women. And, make no mistake, I am not alone. Post after post after post of just disrespect. My personal favorite is this one…

LMAO (no but seriously this nigga needs therapy because he is NOT ok)

My mother has a saying: “1,000 Frenchmen can’t be wrong”. It’s easy to simply brush off the toxicity of the slander and the meme’s that imply they are literally Satan who, coincidentally..….

…is also red…so, you know….there’s that

…but I believe in investigation and evidence. So I think it’s time we deconstruct what lead to the rise and inevitable fall of the red woman and unpack what that means and who was the cause. Spoiler alert: Niggas. Niggas caused this….but let’s get into it.

In order to dissect the red woman we must know what and who the red woman is. Alotta y’all out here calling yourself red cause you think the toxic jokes are cute. You want to be counted in the number because we have been conditioned to think being lighter, redder or brighter means you’re prettier and I’m here to tell you….

….beloved, une red. You brown and that’s ok. Seek the lord not the devils hue. Selah

Now that we got that out the way, THIS is a red woman in thoughts, words and deeds…

This is my friend Chloe Basden. I’ve known this woman all my life and I’m calling on all men in this nation to RUN when you see her as she is a fucking problem within the community

The complexion matters because with the complexion comes the red woman attitude. It’s a 2 for 1 deal. See, when you’re anything bright on this island, you are treated differently. That’s how grandparent colorism works really. And that’s no offense to light skin, red or biracial folks it just is what it is. If you had/have “lil bit’a color” you were your grandparents, and sometimes even parents, favorite.

This is how the dark skinned kids were treated. They’re having a blast at life.

And this is what it looks like as the light skinned/red kid….

“No no….the fields and the generational insecurity and trauma that will last for years are for the darkies, my sweet child. You get ac, hot food and jealousy!”

So let’s not act like colorism doesn’t play a part. So if we can acknowledge that we saw that growing up in media, social or otherwise, and even among our own family then why is it shocking that, as niggas, we love us a red woman?

Know how I know niggas love red woman? Remember my friend Chloe Basden from above? Yeah, that’s not her name. Now how many of you niggas was beatin y’all keyboard bad to find her on Facebook or Instagram to add her and get in them dms?

Looka them tryna play dumb cause they shame. They ga still message me personally askin for the number too…watch

We like bad treatment.

Lemme say it again for the niggas in the back.


And, let’s be clear, from the 80’s to the early 2000’s that’s all you got from red women: Bad treatment. But who could blame them? They were the picks of the Bahamian elite. Politicians, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs….anyone in a position of wealth and power usually chose brighter/red women because niggas.

There’s a reason out west looks like the main cast from A Different World

Weird, goony, out west nigga. Check. Light skin bougie gal who “don’t drive past Bahamar”. Check. Curly hair, fake woke chick that went to Africa on daddies dime but dates a skinny nigga in a Honda because she “keeps it real”. Check

So why would they not be confident? Why would they not flex? Dark skin women, tell the truth: If y’all had that power in those times y’all woulda been acting up too. So we can’t blame them. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s not hard to be a monster in Nassau as a red woman. Shit, when Freeport was coke city them red women over there ATE.

Know how I know? Cause at happy hour they remind you of their days of yore.

“Girl you remember Beretta who use to run drugs for Blacky? Girl we was on yachts, all the parties…I had the BEST. But since he get headshot I had to get a job like ine still fine!” #You’reNotTho

I can’t speak for Long Island cause I feel like when you have a preponderance of a certain species it loses value. But let a Long Island gal come to Nassau…

Look at these thirsty, ain use, no traveling ass, color hunting niggas. (Thas me on the right tho ine ga lie)

And, let me be clear: I too am niggas.

All I gotta see is color and one lil boungie and I am SOLD. Niggas don’t even have to see their face like at ALL and they be like…

“Check out this pie! Fine aye!”

…then they see her from the front and she looks like this and their reaction is…

“Check out this pie! Fine Aye!”


Niggas liked color so much at the time they would rather be with a red ogly gal than a gorgeous brown skin woman. Um, niggas….not all these women y’all lust over, specifically for color, cute bey. Y’all be gassin some of these red women and ise be LOST.

Initially within .5 seconds of seeing the countenance of the redness it looks like this….

She’s objectively fine…She just is.

But then I say to niggas…

…then after further inspection she look like this…

Exactly. Stop letting color swing y’all

Y’all let red women run rampant in these streets. And funnily enough they didn’t even have a queen. They had no leader.

I’m wilding?

Who was the beacon of hope for dark skinned women at that time?

This was the dark skin queen who woke people up to the fact that dark skin is ALSO beautiful

Who was the dark skin king?

What this nigga did for the dark skin community can never be overstated. #TheBestMan #TheHeroWeNeeded

The big girl queen?

Long may she reign cause who else was this fine and thick at that time?

And we all know who the big boy, bearded king is….

Hallowed be his name cause all y’all grew a beard cause of this benevolent King be respectful

Who was the red queen?

I’ll wait.

Exactly….no one.

The market was oversaturated with red women across all platforms. But ya know who SHOULD have been their queen but they denied her a seat at the table?

She would have lead y’all through these troubling times but y’all wanted to go it alone. Silly rabbits

And make no mistake, these are troubling times for the red woman. Because she’s being outed. She’s being seen for what she is. For too long we suffered under a calloused regime that forgot that time is cruel and things change. The woke movement put a fucking wrench in the plans of many red women. We are watching the slow, humbling demise of the red woman’s power over us all.

Y’all fightin for y’all life in these streets.

Them married set happy as shit.

“Girl I heard niggas don’t even beg like they used to. I can’t leave Steve cause lord what this island comin to?”

And by “fighting for your lives” I’m not saying you can’t pull niggas. Oh no no please don’t confuse me….y’all can pull. But now the playing field is even. The state of play has been changed. See ya can’t be red, toxic, stuck up and mean. Them days over. We came online to the plethora of options out here in varying colors and flavors.

This woman alone caused us to go back to the table and reevaluate our choices and decisions

But y’all should NOT be villainized. Its hypocritical to have given y’all all that power and now make memes, jokes and even have a stigma against you. You did what we allowed you to do. What our grandparents taught us to do. What society said was the better choice, the prettier choice. I can’t blame y’all for thirsty colorist niggas. We can’t judge the monster but not the person or place that created it in the first place.

Cause, to be fair…

Jesus made this nigga…like this his child. Ine sayin be mad at Jesus. I’m not sayin that at all. I’m just sayin Jesus made this nigga. #DoWithThatWhatYouWill

Is the red woman still a danger to the public? Absolutely. Especially if they were born between 1975 -1995. They remember that power. They remember what it was like walking into a room and every gal was mad.

Don’t lie, other women. Y’all started fights and shit with y’all boyfriends over his too long stare at a red woman.

“Thas what you fuckin like aye? Ine red enough aye? She don’t want you bitch nigga” #YouWanMeThoSoWhatThatMean

Ine forget.

But the more things change the more things stay the same. Make no mistake they are still winning and will continue to win as they should. But their reign is over.

And that’s ok.

It’s perfectly fine to have to hunt for your food like everyone else. No one is perfect.


My queen is perfect and she is alive and I love her very much. #I’mTalkingToYouAlphanique

And if you’re a red woman reading this and you take umbrage with my words then please go talk to a light skin nigga and see how they feel about their loss of power. Cause Morris Chestnut and Idris Elba got them niggas the fuck outta here and we, the brown/dark skin men, are forever in their debt.

You could have taken all of our women, but you chose to take us to the promised land of acceptance and understanding. #Grateful

So, welcome red women. Welcome to the dance. Welcome to the fight. Welcome to the party. The dating pool has pee and shit in it, the beers are warm and EVERYONE is broke. The drug boys are dead or in jail and we all have anxiety.

We love y’all though because you’ll always be…

…the devil we know


Be safe tho