#TallTakes: Cleveland Can Still Do This

We Still have a lot of series to go

The Golden State Warriors have taken a seemingly commanding 2-0 lead over Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and you know what? I still don’t think The Warriors are out of the woods yet.

In any other case it could be safe to stick a fork in the Cavs, but not in this case, Cleveland can still get back in this series and win it.  Here’s how:

Lebron has to get Draymond Green suspended.

Steph Curry has to tear his MCL.

JR Smith has to stop being JR Smith and suddenly become a consistent and reliable player.

The Warriors have to send Kevin Durant back to OKC and get Harrison Barnes back from Dallas and he has to play like absolute crap on both sides of the court.

A lot of this:

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In all earnestness I think the odds of Cleveland coming back in this series are ridiculously low.

I know they came back last year down 3-1 but this year is different, The Warriors have had an entire year to stew on their epic collapse from last year, and NBA players aren’t regular people with healthy outlooks on life and love, they’re pretty much all unbalanced deeply disturbed sociopaths who are unhealthily obsessed with competition, and you best believe that every single player on the Warriors lost a ton of sleep over what happened last year, and they swore on their lives and their dojos that they would have their revenge.

They all know that this series won’t be won until the balloons are falling and the champagne is flowing. Add an NBA superstar in Kevin Durant who is  about as close as anyone in the league as Lebron is in talent and desperate to win a championship and carve his face into basketball’s Mount Rushmore, it’s difficult to see the Cavs winning this. 

They do have Lebron though so so if I’m wrong about this it wouldn’t surprise me. That guy does the impossible on a nightly basis.

The Seahawks signed Austin Davis instead of Colin Kaepernick…. no really.

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Colin Kaepernick’s flirtation with the Seattle Seahawks is over with the Seahawks opting to sign Austin Davis instead.

If you’re like me you’re probably wondering who the hell Austin Davis is.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll gave this mealy mouthed excuse for not signing the quarterback, who is shunned for the offensive notion that he doesn’t think that police should kill innocent people.

“At this time, we didn’t do anything with it, but we know where he is and who he is and we had a chance to understand him much more so. He’s a starter in this league. And we have a starter. But he’s a starter in this league, and I can’t imagine that someone won’t give him a chance to play.”

Seriously…. I know I stopped cursing in these columns but what the f*ck?

It would be one thing if Carroll didn’t try to pretend that he wasn’t as craven as the rest of the league in signing Kaepernick, but this weak excuse for not wanting the quarterback is somehow even more insulting to our intelligence than the rest of the teams in a league that persists on being on the wrong side of history when it comes to Kaepernick.

Seattle has a recent history of offensive line problems and they also have a small quarterback who gets hurt frequently as a result, passing up on Kaepernick isn’t just a bad look because of how blatantly racist it is, it’s a bad football move.

Thad Matta is retiring. 

Ohio State basketball coach said that he would be stepping down after this upcoming season due to back ailments and a lack of recruiting luck in Ohio.

I haven’t seen a Ohio State basketball game since Greg Oden went there so whatever, the lede being buried here was the fact that Matta is only 49.

Look at this guy

Related image

I thought he was in his mid to late 60s from looking at him.  I thought he was in his 50s years ago when he coached Oden, he was in his late 30s.

Image result for Thad matta and greg oden

Pictured below is a picture of Matta in Middle School.

Image result for old white man

Talk about aging like milk. Goddamn.

Albert Pujols hit number 600

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Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Albert Pujols hit his 600th home run this past weekend. I honestly didn’t know that Albert Pujols was still in the league.

This was a great development because I needed something to put in this column because it’s a slow sports week and the website I help maintain is going to have content by hook or by crook.

I don’t care about Albert Pujols.

Nobody cares about Pujols.

Good for him though.