8YJ – I Need a Minute – Trump’s 100 Days


In the latest 8YJ podcast we discuss the Trump administration’s first 100 days, his possible breakup with Vladimir Putin (Puty) and whether we will even make it to 2020.

This all started so simple and mundane. Trump was a weird conspiracy theorist that we didn’t have to take seriously as a political force. We all forgot one thing. Being a reality TV superstar with billions of dollars is essentially a super power in 2017. And this was a true super villain origin story.

You have to back up your Bars beloved

There were those among us who saw America and Trump for what they were from the jump. We should’ve listened to the Bill Maher’s and the Ayesha Siddiqi’s of the world, that this is not only what America is capable of, it’s what we should’ve expected.

Go follow and read Ayesha, but a lot of what she’s been saying was captured expertly in this SNL sketch that sums up some of the reactions to the 2016 election.

Of course, we cannot discuss Donald Trump without discussing the man who may be chiefly responsible for his election and that’s Russian President Vladimir Putin or as Trump calls him “Putey”.

Well, he seems like a well-adjusted individual

Did you watch that? That’s insane, isn’t it? It can’t be real right? No. It 100% is fucking real it’s weird that people talk about anything else other than this generic movie script about a despot coming to life. As an aside do you may want to read this and determine just how soon you should apply for a Visa, get it renewed, or you know travel to America in general.

A Harbinger of Things to Come

We just added this here because we think people have somehow forgotten how close we were to all of this before. The Cuban Missle crisis when the world had JFK, and Krushchev at the helm. Now we have Trump, Putin, and Lil Kim.

Yup everything is going to be fine.

On a lighter note we also assessed the winners and losers in the past 100 days and concluded, Ivanka is a winner if she was able to close and bag Trudeau during his visit to the White House.

She’s been on a foreign relations trip to Canda for a month now. She has no idea what’s happening in America. #PassionFruit

This was before “More Life” came out. Ivanka may have been the first Passionfruit.

So that’s it we made it through the first 100. If only the next 3 years could be as quiet as this right?

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