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We pivot away from Bahamian politics to dicuss a larger question on our latest podcast. That is how do people define themselves and how do you build the narrative for your life. You now…light stuff. When it gets too heavy and introspective we pivot to the human clown show that is Donald Trump and of course end with a discussion about men in rompers.

One of the main inspirations for the existence of this podcast is the Your Are Not So Smart pods which are really well done and you should, of course, check it out, but in particular, this one on Narrative Bias is pretty revealing and is referenced a lot in our pod.

We also discuss not only how you tell the story (narrative) of your life, but also how you even know that you are you in your day to day life and how that translates to other people.

I mean what else could he do?

So in our 100 days podcast, we lamented the scandal heavy days of the Trump administration, during that pod we wondered what he could possibly do next, I mean he had to adjust right? Did we think he could fire a man who seemed like an ally for an obvious bullshit reason, come close to obstruction of justice, get the democrats thinking about impeachment and head to his first international trip…all in one week? No, we didn’t see that coming.

Really he fired him because he’s so much taller. Trump has a micropenis and this is a big deal to him.

As always John Oliver has a hot take on this and to surmise. America, please get that 5-year-old off the salad bar he’s shitting on everyone’s food!


Beloved. Why? Everyone get off the internet for like 47 seconds, go outside and look at the sun cause…

A picture of Randy and his non-10YS related friends. Does Adidas make these yet?

First off fuck you Young Randolph, no one associated with this site is wearing a god damned romper. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean everyone has their own personal preference :/

As always thank you for listening and remember to lie to yourself daily to get through the day.

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