The Last Jedi Trailer

“I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end” – Luke Skywalker

This is it. The middle movie in the trilogy. In the original trilogy (Episode 5), Luke lost his hand. In the prequel trilogy (Episode 2), Anakin lost his hand. Will the trend continue in Episode 8? Is it Kylo Ren’s turn to lose a limb? Will we find out Rey’s true heritage? What’s Finn’s role in this new franchise and how exactly did he survive nearly losing his spine in Episode 7?


Another curious note – this is the first ever middle Star Wars movie to use red instead of yellow as the dominant color. Sadly, this was the last movie Carrie Fisher filmed as Leia for the franchise, and probably had plans to feature her in Episode 9. Is this the last we see of her or will they go the CGI route like Furious Seven did with Paul Walker?


The Last Jedi. December 15th.