8YJ – I Need a Minute – Eat the Cake Drink the Pepsi

by 8YJ

This week we have a slew of feel good stories for you. First up Donald Trump decided to bomb a Syrian airfield in response to a chemical attack by the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad.  The reasons for the bombing and the fluidity of Trump’s thinking seem to be the real story though, was this actually in response to the images he saw? Was he trying to distance himself from the Russian scandal that’s embroiled his administration? Or did he and Putin actually break-up?

In any case, just the idea of Trump taking military action freaked out a good portion of the planet and led to the most searches for “WW3” that Google had ever seen. Trump for his part though is really unbothered he cares about cake so much more.

Syria and the Chocolate Cake

Iraq. He said Iraq. This man is a legend. I wonder if he even saw the map of the airfields he sent missiles to and just how far in advance did he warn the Russians?

“This picture is boring. That cake tho.” – Donald J. Trump

The airfield was up and operational the next day. This incident led to ISIS over running a US base and was followed up by the US Military dropping ‘The Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. So basically everything is fine take another selfie.

But first remember this guy?

I miss him.

United been draggin’ hoes

The supreme court ruled that Corporations are people. If they are people they’re dicks who don’t care about the well-being of anyone else and are the selfish assholes that make capitalism work. So when corporations are confronted by human emotions and reason in real time well….

I can’t believe they did Future’s drug dealer like that. How else is he supposed to have the creativity to make ‘Mask Off”. Also friend of the program and Carnival Godfather Errol had his own take on a Bahamian’s reaction to this situation.


Every. Bahamian. Fight. Incident. Ever. “I was in da back”.

Pepsi solves all problems 

This is why you don’t have yes people in your circle. This is why 10YS routinely curses each other out and references the word “shitty” when talking about each other so moments like this don’t happen.

Post Racial America is Lit AF. You know what we also thought. What if it’s just twitter upset at this and what if the majority of Americans ENJOY THIS AND THINK IT’s PROFOUND. This would explain Donald Trump. Behind the scenes though the creative process may have been a a little like this…

For those who watched the commercial and somehow don’t see anything wrong with it at all, firstly, How was golf today? Secondly, maybe digest Hassan Piker’s take. Pause.

Corporations please hire people of color. It’ll come in handy for you at some point I promise.

May 10th

Perry Christie announced this week that the election would take place in little less than a month. On May 10th. That date should sound familiar to Bahamians for ohhh I don’t know. reasons…https://rbdf.gov.bs/the-flamingo-incident/


So carnival date debacle and then what can only be called an ‘unfortunate’ election date choice. Who’s in charge of scheduling fam?

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