#TallTakes: This Can’t be life….

Carmelo Anthony is having the worst week ever

Have you ever been completely thrown under the bus by your boss then in that same week get left by your super-hot wife under allegations that you impregnated some Instagram-famous girl?

Because that’s exactly what may have happened to New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony.

Last week the New York Knicks raised a big middle finger to Anthony by resigning team president Phil Jackson to a two year contract extension.  Jackson has been a big critic of Carmelo for the bulk of his tenure with the Knicks went on a long tirade that made clear his desire to get rid of Anthony.

We’ve not been able to win with him on the court at this time and the direction of our team is that he is a player that would be better somewhere else, and using his talents somewhere else where he can win and chase that championship.

That was on Friday.

On Monday we woke up to this report from TMZ about Anthony seperation from his wife of seven years, Lala.

Sources close to the couple tell us the actress and NBA superstar are now living separately. La La moved out of the family home last week and has her own place in NYC now.

There are rumors swirling around the internet that Melo cheated on Lala and impregnated someone, unfortunately for his bank account be slick enough to get out of this one like his draft mate Dwyane Wade, whether or not Anthony really has a love child however it can be safe to say that he is having the worst week ever.

When reached for comment  Anthony, who will make well over $100 million  during the life of his New York Knicks contract said:

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Kristaps Porzingis is over it

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Bonus Knicks dysfunction!

Have you ever been so mad at your boss that you skipped out on a meeting with him to go mess around in the park?

New York Knicks big Kristaps Porzingis has.

The 7 foot 3 Latvian sensation reportedly skipped out on a meeting with team President Phil Jackson to show his brother the sights of New York.

PorzingisBike1PorzingisBike1Image result for Kristaps porzingis in central park

The promising young player is reportedly frustrated with the way the team has been ran during the last two seasons he’s spent with the team.

Porzingis has educated himself on how successful NBA organizations are run and knows now that the Knicks – from ownership to management to coaching – are nowhere near delivering him the platform to develop into the cornerstone of a winning team.

I’m wondering what took the young fella so long to figure this out.  The fact that his team was butt must have been lost in translation.

Everybody Hates Steph Curry

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According to a book written by Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area sports group, a number of NBA players including, most notably Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Lebron James.

This seems, at least to me like a non-story at best when you consider the players involved here.  Lebron James has revealed himself over the past seven or so years since he initially left Cleveland to be tremendously petty.

When Steph Curry was a (sorta) underdog story leading a plucky Mid-Major College basketball team to deep NCAA tournament runs, Lebron was all about Steph, going so far as to sit in the front row at his games.

In retrospect Lebron’s adoration of upstart Steph Curry seems like a patronizing one. Six years later Curry is the winner of two MVPs and one NBA title that Lebron feels like should belong to him, no longer the little brother, Steph is considered something Lebron never thought he would be through his early years with the Warriors when he was afflicted with mediocre records and ankle injuries: an equal.

Someone as petty as Lebron hates that.

Russ Westbrook and Chris Paul are two tremendous jerks that Steph and his Warriors have utterly demolished over the past two seasons. Of course they’d hate his guts.

This is what makes basketball great.

Tony Romo got to dress up like an NBA player.

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Tony Romo finally decided a few weeks ago that he was tired of having his spinal column compacted into powder and would much rather get paid seven figures to talk about football for four months a year.  This may seem like a no-brainer but we’re dealing with a football player here, nothing about that sport makes any sense but I digress.

Anyway, to pay tribute to the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who happened to be a very good high school basketball player who still shows out occasionally in pickup games twenty years later, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban arranged for what amounted to a fantasy camp for one Antonio Ramiro Romo where he got to practice, shoot around with the team and was introduced by the announcers during the official team introduction.

The stunt had mixed reviews by sports pundits, some of whom appreciated the love being shown to someone who sacrificed his body year after year for the city, and others who thought the event was a tacky stunt to sell late season tickets by a team that didn’t sniff the playoffs.

Personally I think it’s great but only because as a “meh” Division II-turned failed professional basketball player and all I ever wanted since I was a child was to play in the NBA. If I had an opportunity to do this I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

If other people don’t rock with it I understand.


The Yankees are great again

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After a few down years the New York Yankees are looking like they may be great again.

Since winning the World Series in 2009 the Yankees have seen a few down years, due mostly to the aging and retirement of core stars like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Mark Teixeira, Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettite among others along with the fact that the team essentially abandoned the farm system that yielded the bulk of its talent during the height of its run of success in the early nineties to overpay for aging big-name free agents.

In recent years, however the Bronx Bombers have went all-in on a youth movement drafting and signing young players like Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez and Ronald Torreys, and their investment in these guys are starting to pay off.

The Yankees are off to a hot start leading the AL east division and are undefeated at home behind these youngins.

Not only are their starting and relief pitching white-hot start but 27 year old Aaron Hicks and 24 year old Aaron Judge are knocking the crap out of the baseball.


Tom Herman really cares about his players’ pee

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This weird chart was found in the University of Texas Football team’s locker room.  It says a ton about the culture that new coach Tom Herman is trying to build in Austin.

*sips water because I am a champ*