8YJ – I Need a Minute – The Gym Ramblecast


In this week’s 8YJ podcast we do a deep dive into the The Bahamas’ gym culture. The guys review the gyms in Nassau, the types of people you may find in them, and tell some of their best/worst workout stories.

To have a conversation about lifting there must be some commonality and for 10YS and 8YJ we already knew who would end up on this podcast.

…I don’t have a lot of friends that lift is what I’m trying to imply here

After a few random gym stories we actually touch on a few topics like whether women in Nassau would actually go to an all-female gym or would it go the way of Curves or the sadly defunct Taco Bell. We pivoted to a discussion on who gets custody of a gym when a couple breaks up and we realize how seriously people take this shit.

Like for real why are we waking up to do this when sleep is so magical. But once people start to dedicate themselves to the gym and become a fit freak, well a few things happen….

Look, we all have weird shit that we do in the gym. Some of us just have weirder shit than others (Kari). So of course Andrew takes unsolicited shots and accused several people, including one of his fellow podcast host (Kari) ,of serious gym crimes…

…yes, Andrew is a dick.

Sure there’s a lot of stuff we missed on this podcast that needed to be discussed, gym playlist, favorite type of music for max reps, things that could make you leave the gym before you workout’s done, what motivates you to keep doing this repetitive shit….. but of course we can tackle that in part 2 of our gym podcast, which we promise is coming very very soon.

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