8YJ – I Need a Minute – Income Inequality


In our latest podcast we attempt to discuss income inequality and try to figure out the reasons this was even a podcast topic in the same week Cee-Lo became a legend.

If we ever attend an award show we’re all showing up as various versions of this. #LostHills

The podcast starts off with 80000 references to Shiver Premium Ice Cream and Kari referencing JD Vance’s best seller Hillbilly Elegy. JD has become the reluctant Trump whisper for the slice of America that elected orange Don.

High-key liberals love this book it’s their new, “Between the World and Me”.

If you wanna get a brief sense of where JD is coming from take a listen to his interview with Chris Matthews.

Another point of reference for the guys while discussing this inequality was Bong Joon Hoo’s (This is an amazing name) Snowpiercer. It’s one of the best film’s on Netflix and if you care about economics, Captain America, and a non “MIB” Ed Harris you should check it out, just ask Rotten Tomatoes.

Look these podcast usually careen wildly but from here it get’s pretty weird and when metaphors and analogies go unrestrained we end up talking about gas station attendants and the possibility that soon they all may need to be certified in The Bahamas.

I don’t know about y’all but I need to get certified. Shit’s real in this economy.


Again,  do I know how we ended up talking about Hot Patties? No. But patties have been a constant source of strength for 10thYearSeniors and the increase in pattie price has definitely widen the inequality gap for the satisfied consumer and those with a lack of patty appreciation. Nah none of that made sense but we had to explain Andrew putting the words hot pattie and mayonnaise in the same sentence.

But really look below…this is real.

jamaican_patty_double_down (1)
What in God’s name?

I still don’t believe this is a thing but sometimes you just have to trust Google.

patty-sandwich-1 (1)
This is how it ends for us.

Lastly if after that inane conversation you’re still confused about what exactly this inequality means check out Vox‘s cardstack on the topic. They have like 100 smart people. That’s exactly 100 more than we do.


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