You Should Definitely Go to Paradise Plates

If you tune into any social media platform in early October in the past few years you would see cool people on your timeline having a blast at Paradise Plates, Hands For Hunger’s premiere fundraising event.  It always seemed to me like another boring party where people got dressed up real nice, and made cool social media posts, something that I never had any interest in until I went last year to help a friend who runs a food blog. Man Was I wrong.

Paradise Plates is so much more, and anyone who finds themselves with an opportunity to go definitely should go for a number of reasons:

It’s for a great Cause

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Proceeds raised at the event go directly to Hands for Hunger.  Their mission is to provide hot nutritious meals to hungry Bahamians.  To do this they’ve partnered with over thirty food vendors to collect their surplus food items and redistribute them to the people in need.

Relying on a number of professionals and volunteers, Hands for Hunger redistributes more than 2500 pounds of food weekly to people in need. This year they’re celebrating giving away 1,000,000 pounds of food. Which, by any metric is a whole lot.

This is what you’re contributing to when you attend Paradise Plates. By showing up and stuffing your face you’re helping them to feed people who actually need it. It’s a win-win situation all around.

The Food and Drink options are Top-Notch

(Hands For Hunger)

Paradise plates usually boasts cuisine from the best restaurants in The Bahamas and this year is definitely no different. A number of awesome food and drink vendors will be there with all the food and drink that you care to ingest. Everyone from Burger Shack to Dasani to Sakura Sushi will be there with special dishes and cocktails. And take it from someone who was there last year, they’re all really damn good.

Some people consider themselves “foodies”. They’re usually the more discerning people among us who post food pictures all over the internet because it’s cool or something. I think it’s silly because who doesn’t like good food?

But I also think it’s brilliant. Because who doesn’t like good food?

This food is better than just “good”. It’s the best of what our region (because there are chefs from Highbourne Cay, Exuma, 1648 in Eleuthera and Chef Apple, from the faraway place known as Miami) and  has to offer. You don’t have to run an IG page dedicated to posting pictures of conch chowder to appreciate that.

You may win free stuff

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They’re having a raffle, and for the exorbitant price of $2 you can win a trip to anywhere Jet Blue flies.

Anywhere fam…..

That’s just the top prize.

They’re giving away sushi classes, watches, trips to Eleuthera, dinner at nice restaurants, jeweler, liquor and any number of other things that you know you want. If you don’t want to spring to go to the event at least buy some raffle tickets. You could win a $500 grocery certificate to Solomon’s Fresh Markets. Do you know how much Fresh Alaska Salmon you can buy with that? You don’t even have to wait until it’s $15.00 a pound like I do. You can get it at full price!

What’s the downside?

It’s a top-notch party.

If feeding hungry people, eating gourmet food or winning free stuff isn’t your thing, just know that Paradise Plates is a fun party.

They’re keeping a tight lid on who’s performing but word in the streets (and by that I mean that someone at my gym told me) is that they’ve got some lit surprises lined up.

So Come Through

Paradise Plates will be held this Saturday, October 1st at 7:00 pm at The Atlantis Ballroom, Paradise Island.

Tickets are $175 and they include all the food, drink and merriment you can take and they’re available at The Hands For Hunger office in the New Providence Community Center on Blake Road, Bahamas Vision Center in the Harbor Bay Shopping Plaza, Island House, and online here.

I’m going to pry myself off the couch on a College Football Saturday long enough to be at Paradise Plates, and you definitely should too. And if I’m wrong look for the ridiculously tall guy who looks like he doesn’t belong but still having the best time.