10YS – Heat Camp Diary: Day 1



10:35am – The first day of Heat camp started off a little shakier than I would have liked. Ministry of Tourism officials said that all media should report to the meeting room at 11:15 a.m. in order to be walked over to the training facility. However, at 10:40 I was still on Dunkin Donut’s drive thru. Not a good start to a busy week. – RS

11:10am – It’s weird that we can’t find parking anywhere. Do more people know about this training camp than we thought? Do Bahamians still think Lebron, Wade and Bosh are with the Heat? Is there another Decision. – RD

11:12am – Officially the 9856th time that we realized we need an official 10YS mobile. We’d get to park that anywhere. – RD


11:17am – This is already a lot different from 2013 camp, no red carpet rolled out for the media this time. To quote the valet who so eloquently said “parking ain’t free bro”. Anyone who knows Atlantis knows that parking is always a hassle…. well, if you’re trying to park for free that is. And unlike a slew of other events that we’ve covered in the past that offered free valet parking, the 2016 Heat camp, which doesn’t feature Lebron, Wade or Bosh doesn’t have free parking… Surprised?? Not really – RS


11:14am – We’re herded into a waiting room for the media and I feel like this is directly because Atlantis doesn’t trust us to walk around freely. I wouldn’t either, John is on his second cup of coffee in less than two minutes. – RD


11:30-To further add to the parking dilemma, there was also a promise of “light refreshments” (water and mints), which forced John to make four cups of coffee because it was the only thing free. That man loves anything free. – RS


11:57 – I think everyone’s developing cabin fever in this room. There’s a pending Lord of the Flies situation going on right now. The people with cameras and tripods have an immediate advantage. – RD


11:58am – Super unprepared Randy still hasn’t looked into what a running diary is and is probably still going to nail it when we . He finesses reporting better than anyone else on the planet. – RD


12:30-After being walked over to the practice court, one thing was quickly made apparent, and that is that this isn’t the team that won back to back titles in 2012-2013 by any stretch. This was the first time in years I had to use Google to look up the Heat’s roster. I thought I was familiar with all of the faces on the team, but opening day determined that was a lie. –  RS


12:48pm – Pat Riley is sitting across on the opposite side of the room and we debate the top three songs on his play list right now. We come up with “All Falls Down” – Kanye, “Things Fall Apart” – The Roots, “Where Do We Go From Here” – Deborah Cox – RD


12:50 pm – First thing we see is the the Heat engaged in a rebound, full court offensive drill. I’m just happy basketball is back, even if I only legitimately know 11 of these players without Google. – RD


12:51 pm – Over estimated that. I know 8 of these players without Google. If Rony Seikaly walks into the ballroom in full uniform, no one should be surprised. – RD


12:57 pm – A whistle blows and the entire team breaks off into full court wind sprints. Haslem is out front. Udonis Haslem, Heat Lifer, is still getting them checks and is out front. – RS


1:04 pm – Josh Richardson is being an awesome teammate on the sidelines, cheering on guys, shouting instructions. Dion Waiters drains a couple threes. Those Richardson claps become a little more measured. – RS


1:07 pm – The teams separated into positions for shooting drills just before practice ends. Justise Winslow and Tyler Johnson are grouped with one of the unknowns who I’m positive has the worst jumpshot I’ve ever seen at the NBA level. Think of those standard two handed set shots from the 1940s in black and white, but with a  pause mid air before the release. He’s constantly holding down the X button too long while playing 2K. Late release. – RD


1:20pm – Not sure how to feel about this new and improved leadership of Hassan Whiteside. Every response is so measured and careful. Ryan Tannehill taught him quarterback speech and it makes us all sad. Where’s the guy that went out of his way to tell everyone that he’s the only one “doing it with blocks?” I need Snapchat Whiteside to make an appearance at training camp. – RD


1:45 pm – I also witnessed the quickest media clear out in Atlantis sports history. Usually after any sporting event held in the Atlantis Ballroom, there is a gathering of media members that usually hang around and catch up. Not this time. A lot of them are here for two days or less and are looking to make the most of their time here…and it has nothing to do with basketball. – RS