There’s a Little Person Ballin’ on the Internet Bruh….



I’m not sure the exact terminology for this gentleman so please forgive me if I seem insensitive. Feel free to correct me in the comment section. But this guy isn’t Nate Robinson or Tyler Ulis short, he’s a legit four foot something legally defined (is that a thing? Sorry again) little person, out here dropping cats off. His name is Mani Love and here he is.

The guy legit has game, not NBA game, this guy has “go to a neighborhood court and get a couple buckets” game. And he’s been building his brand over the internet becoming a Youtube sensation while posting a ton of videos of him breaking fools’ ankles on Instagram. What’s also apparent is his intense love of  and total commitment to basketball and how much crowds and kids seem to love him, which is a ton. And it’s pretty lit all around if you ask me.

What stood out to me, however is what the diminutive baller didn’t show on the gram, namely him playing defense, and I’ll tell you why: He probably gets abused.

This may seem mean, me finding shortcomings (no pun intended) in such a heartwarming story, but most basketball players, and athletes in general are cutthroat about winning, be it an NBA playoff game or a shootout in the driveway.  If he ever ended up in one of my friends’ pickup games he was getting posted up and scored on every single possession.  It may seem unfair but he signed up for it the second he stepped on the court.  As dope as his videos are, I try to imagine what it would be like on a court with him and it always ends with 6’5″ combo guards I know like Jeff Henfield or Mitch Johnson posting him up and screaming “Mouse in the house!” while threatening to fight whoever has the ball for not getting it to them quicker.

So go on YouTube and Instagram and check out this guy’s videos and photos, they’re cool as hell and he’s amazing on the court, but only on one side of it though.