Maybe Jay-Z didn’t cheat on Beyonce.

This past weekend Pop superstar and supreme leader of planet earth Beyonce Knowles released her much anticipated visual album, Lemonade.

Some of the album’s content was rife with talk of relationship strife and infidelity leading to speculation that Bey’s husband, rapper and mogul Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, may have cheated on her during their almost decade and a half long courtship and marriage. Since the album’s release, hordes of amateur detectives all over the internet have been trying to surmise who Hov cheated on Beyonce with.

This may not have occurred to some of you, but these are just songs, some of the things that may have happened in them may not have necessarily happened in real life.  Sure Bey has successfully made the transition from pop singer to status-quo distruptor in the Nina Simone tradition, but that doesn’t mean that we should take everything she says literally.

In Beyonce’s husband’s book he describes his aim for making music

“The music is meant to be provocative—which doesn’t mean it’s necessarily obnoxious, but it is (mostly) confrontational, and more than that, it’s dense with multiple meanings.”

He also talks about artists as storytellers portraying characters on wax for our entertainment.  So who’s to say that Bey isn’t playing a character?

As image conscious as Beyonce is, do you think she would really air her husband’s dirty laundry out for the entire world to see and still actually be with him?

“You wanna go with daddy to Rachel Roy’s house?”

Would the most powerful woman in the world actually let the public know that in her house. she’s just a chick who gets cheated on like the rest of you if it were really true?

Does she even really need to be in a dysfunctional, emotionally abusive relationship with any man? Even if he is the most successful musical acts ever?

You think a couple of people as industry savvy and apt to control the message as Hov and B would allow this information to be out there if they didn’t think it would have you obsessing over it and me writing about an album I haven’t even listened to?


So can we calm down with the reckless speculation please?  The woman Carlos Santana met didn’t actually do black magic, Ice Cube didn’t fuck around and get a triple double in a pickup game (nobody keeps stats in pickup games dummy), Lil Wayne has only ever successfully shot himself, despite claiming to have shot hundreds of people in his songs. Some things people say in song just aren’t true, maybe Beyonce is just telling a story.

Unless she isn’t, then she and her husband should probably talk to a professional. Either way.