Happy Mother’s Day! (Especially The Dearly Departed)

By Drew

Ah yes, mothers day! The day where, for 24hrs, I pretend to be the perfect son. You should see me making breakfast and doing wild stuff like….you know…..not drinking and once again embarrassing the woman that birthed me from her nether regions. Risking her literal life just so I can get drunk and sing George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” at the top of my lungs majestically.

Imagine being in labor for 2 days, paying school fees, food, tutoring…..for this. God bless that woman

Who else but a Bahamian mother could beat you with a belt one minute then feed you McDonalds the next as an apology. Then when you use food as a trauma crutch they’re confused where the weight comes from and have the nerve to ask….

“Why you puttin on this weight? Is it because I used food as an apology instead of sitting you down and having an actual human interaction with you the Cardi B hip hop? I bet it’s that” – mothers

And God forbid you’re over 18 and not married…..it’s like a race to the wedding chapel the minute you get your driver’s license. But Bahamian mothers are the absolute best.

Well…..not all of them. Some of them are legit terrifying abusive monsters that should be investigated and some of them jailed for the torture they’ve inflicted on their children, physically and mentally, and we don’t talk about that enough.

…ok that got kinda dark really quickly so here’s a gif of a puppy being a cute idiot. lol Moron thinks that’s a bed. Stupid cute adorable idiot.

All jokes aside, I want to celebrate ALL of the good mothers today. The mothers that prayed you through it. Loved you through it. Cared for you beyond comprehension and did their goddamn jobs better than any human could. We love you and we could never thank you enough.

I also want to say happy heavenly mother’s day to the mothers that we have lost. Far too often we go about days like this and forget a lot of people suffer in silence missing the woman that meant the world to them.

2 members of 10ys recently lost their mothers months apart and I woke up with them and their families on my heart this morning. I also think of my grandmother that I lost this year and how I have no more grandmothers left on this earth…..so I worry about my mother and what that may mean to her.

Let’s celebrate our mothers while they are here. Whatever you can do, do. Whatever you have to say, say. Cause no one knows the day or the hour. And I know this isn’t a happy ending or a clever way to end one of these as I normally do. But neither is losing your mom. A reality I cannot fathom.

If you have lost your mother please know, while I can not pretend to know your feelings or pain today, I am praying for you and I wish love and peace on your life….not just today but every day.

So, to all the mothers we have lost…..Rest in heavenly palaces, queens.

We miss you.

We love you.

Thank you.

Happy Mother’s day to you all…..from the team here at 10ys.

….yes, even this piece of shit who, plot twist….was born of a human woman and *checks notes* …NOT hatched. A mother’s day miracle!

Be safe tho