The Normalization Of Rape Culture & Paedophilia In The Bahamas (We’re All To Blame)

By Drew

I remember my first compliment as a kid. I was a husky boy…..remember that word “husky”? For the kids born in the 2000’s, husky was a word mothers used for their not fat, yet not skinny, sons to justify why she passed on years of God awful genetically inevitable thickness and rampant high blood pressure.

That used to be a polo shirt BEFORE he discovered Oh Andros and cake

So, needless to say, I had some size on me. At the tender age of 14 a few ladies in church told me how handsome I was. They elaborated by telling me how big and broad my shoulders were and how I would soon be able to pick up all the girls and swing them around. Bruh, I was BLUSHING. I cheesed up like it was Xmas day. Another lady asked me to try and lift her and I attempted AND succeeded. Listen….I was over the moon. She said, “Ine had no man in so long! God, look how strong this boy is. Come get a kiss. I soon carry you home and keep you to myself!!”. Highlight of my LIFE. Needless to say I got home and….

“Andrew??…you’ve been in your room for 3 hours now with the door locked. Are you ok? Also where is all the lotion that was in my bathroom 3 hours ago? Andrew?!”- My saintly mother

I think of my innocent times and what it was like to be a child so cavalier and carefree. Longing for attention, love and acceptance. To think that anyone could abuse or rape a child at the tender age of 4 the way that man allegedly did this week blows my mind…..but its BEEN happening. So it’s time we address the elephant in the room and discuss just how normal rape culture and paedophilia are in The Bahamas.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Teenage girl in high school skips class and is picked up by older guy in a Honda and disappears all day. Or teenage girls gather around Honda filled with 25 year old men chatting them up to later meet. Or, better yet, group of young girls, clearly in school uniforms, being followed by a Honda slowly as older man tries to persuade them to get into his vehicle for god knows what reason.

And our response to seeing ALL these scenarios?

“….I guess that grown man is gonna have sex with that child but she seems to want it so…..”

The other big problem with all those real life situations?


I want Bahamians to be released and heal from the chokehold this car has had on our culture. #I’mLookingAtYouJapan

EVERYONE reading this has a older guy story.

It may not have been you but you knew a “fast” girl in your school who dealt with significantly older men and you thought nothing of it. Unless they went to Kingsway at which point the only significantly older man they worshipped and adored was this fella…

Lord, you turned water into wine. Can you please turn cookies and child labor into a pool?#KingswayStillDoesn’tHaveAPool #Couldn’tEvenGetBaptizedInTheKingsWay

It’s so normal in our culture that we more or less believe that a teenage girl that claims she was raped, if she was “fast”, was “asking for it”. I’m old enough to have heard grown ass adults justify rape. We ALL have heard grown ass adults do it. God forbid you’re a young woman who matured early, has on a short skirt and some makeup……..actual adults will legit be like….

“Someone finally raped Susan daughter. No one tell her hit puberty early and wear fabrics shorter than I would prefer. I hope that young man is ok and he didn’t catch anything from her cause she fast”

What’s upsetting is you’re never far from a sexual assault or almost raped story…..just ask any woman near you. Let that sink in. Almost every woman I know has a, “I was almost sexually assaulted”, story and they’re so numb to it that they laugh it off like its funny.

“….so the bus driver grab my breasts and I slap the shit out of him and ran off that bus so fast! LMAO Let’s continue to ignore our insane realities with ENDLESS MIMOSAS BITCHES!!!!” – too many Bahamian women

The fact that most women read that above caption and can relate is NOT ok, bey. Like….AT ALL.

And what turns this into an absolute shitshow of a nightmare, is older WOMEN co-sign this shit.

It’s bad enough there are piece of shit male predators out there hunting young girls. But it’s a special kinda shitty when your own gender co-signs the goddamn rape as if she deserved it KNOWING how evil some niggas are. And y’all wonder why women today are traumatized?

Even our pastors co-sign it.

We’ve heard the sermons.

“….and these lil fast girls walkin around here like SLUTS…what you expect men to do? NOT rape?Practice personal responsibility with this dick white Jesus gave us? Not today, Satan!!”

We are surrounded by people that have been co-signing rape and pedophilia for decades. And please, make no mistake, whether that young person WILLINGLY or unwillingly had sex with you, IT’S STILL RAPE. See, in a court of law there’s a tricky little word in front of rape, when a minor is involved, called “Statutory” which means “WTF! That’s a child, bey….you crazy?”…..or at least that’s what Urban Dictionary says.

Rapists cause rape.

That’s it.

That’s all.

If you think otherwise then you are a sick person.

We have literally witnessed women strip naked on this island and walk the streets unraped. I seent it. Not a single hair was touched. But you’re tryna convince me that a woman in a too short skirt was “lookin for dat”? That’s like me saying any man who has his jeans sagging off his ass is asking for a stiff one up the butt… how the mentality changes then.

….ok, to be fair you kinda askin for it if you wear your jeans like this. You don’t deserve rape but….beloved…..pull them up

Joke about it is half these niggas on this island have been raped and don’t even know it.

Look at niggas.

“Me? Rape? What this nigga talkin bout? NEVER!”- niggas

…meanwhile I’m over here like…..

Um, y’all know those older women that had sex with you when you were 12 raped you right?

Y’all are aware that a 45 year old woman sucking your 12 year old dick isn’t the flex you think it is right?

Beloved, you were raped. Niggas will be in the barbershop on some…

“…bro I was juicing from I was 10…AND she was 30, bro. Y’all can’t see me!”

…and I’m like….


….then y’all wonder why y’all marriages end up like….

“I thought all she needed was long dick…why would I assume she needed communication, emotional intelligence, patience and follow through? Why juicing wasn’t enough?”

And the joke is, men are laughed at when we claim a woman raped us. Its assumed we wanted it. We’re perceived to be overly sexual and that we desired the rape because….you know…..we have dicks. I’ve seen niggas celebrate paedophilia. Like when a teacher has sex with a child….niggas legit rejoice.

And let me be clear, I’ve rejoiced too in my ignorance. Especially if the teacher is good looking….

“THIS the woman who had sex with that 10year old kid? Shiiiiiiiit that lil nigga LUCKY…..sigh….If only I too could have been raped by this older woman!!”- me in the past

Men are not protected.

We are ignored.

And we celebrate it like it’s a right of passage. And I’m only referencing this rampant paedophilia within the scope of school…..wanna see some shit? Check these families.

No, don’t stop reading now.

I know how y’all go when toes get stepped on like y’all didn’t have that one uncle that your mother would lose her mind over if she found out he was in or around the house.


Y’all get mad at the kids for not listening about going near a sick fuck in your family, but then don’t wanna confront, or even bring light, to that ADULT that’s doing the acts? And then have the audacity to, not only sweep it under the rug, but cloak these niggas.

“Yes yes we knew ya uncle used to try and grind y’all as kids but ya have to understand he didn’t grow up with a tv or pets so incest and rape was all he had. You know how it is.” #No #NoIDontKnowHowItIs

Why are we protecting pedophiles?

Why are we protecting rapists?

Do y’all not get that it’s a cycle? And for the love of God please stop calling shit generational curses. Its not.

Uncle Rick raped cousin Larry. Cousin larry then grew up and raped cousin Craig….who then grew up, beat his wife and then raped his son Fred.

But y’all so quick to blame the devil for the fallacy that is “generational curses” meanwhile, the devil somewhere minding his business and this nigga like….

“Ine even do nothin, bey! Y’all cloakin niggas and I cause the generational curse? MEEEEEEEE? lol wild”

It’s not the devil: It’s y’all not holding these men accountable. It’s y’all not calling the police on niggas y’all know are genuinely problematic. Stop cloaking these niggas and REPORT THEM.

And at this point, it’s literally embedded in our culture. When you start trying to rationalize rape there is a problem. When you start blaming victims we have a problem. When a young girl thinks its ok to date a man 3 times her age so she can afford “tings”, THERE’S A PROBLEM. Cause lets not pretend like a lot of these mothers aren’t pimping their daughters and sons out.

Let’s not act like statutory rape culture isn’t TAUGHT to young girls in these homes.

“You juice him and only get $100 when I told you to get $200? Keisha, you 13 now and you should know better than that!”

Lets not pretend like some of these fathers don’t hire prostitutes to take their sons virginity….

“Ok so he’s 15 but I want you to make him feel like he’s 25. Sigh….I really spoil this kid…I love him so much”

And notice that the christian council is SILENT on these issues. One thing bout them…..

“Ok so once we delete our search histories, texts, emails, wipe the servers, and silence a few people THEN we can send out a public statement about paedophilia/rape. For now, easy targets: Sissies and carnival like normal”

It’s not just the preachers either: We have actual politicians that boldly defend marital rape because it blows their minds that maybe a woman may not want sex at a man’s behest within a marriage so taking it can’t possibly be rape cause you bought her a ring once.

“Us getting married means I have papers on this pussy, Celeste! So it wasn’t so much “rape” as a “struggle snuggle”. K? Shhhhhh”

I’m trippin?

Never forget that the ex-speaker of the house, and a plethora of christians, same christians that say and do nothing on this topic, felt like this…..

This is the most, “Fuck it, I’m moving to Canada” headline I’ve ever seen cause BRUH….WHAT??

I knew we were losing this battle when the child that was abused, to the point of death, this week was found out to have not been raped and niggas legit got online relieved like….

“See how y’all is run out? He NEVER raped her….she died from abuse NOT paedophilia and somehow that’s better OBVIOUSLY”

You know how sick you have to be to think that’s better? The fucked up thing in ALL of this is we only see and hear about the rapes that are REPORTED. I’m told that the amount of rape victims that cycle in and out of hospitals in this country is alarming: We’ve been in a pandemic of rape and paedophilia this entire time and turned a blind eye to it.

Corona you cute or whatever but Bahamians have another pandemic we need to deal with….ain no vaccine for nasty niggas/women, beloved. #Respectfully

I’ve never put much stock into changing this island but, I have to admit, things can’t continue the way they are. If rape, incest and paedophilia and their criminality are debatable and can be rationalized by the majority, then it’s time to expand our thinking. So far we’ve spared ourselves the pain of taking a good hard look at our pasts, present and future. If pain and bitter truth are what’s needed to reshape this islands destiny then I say so be it. The issue is we ignore our problems.

The problem is young girls and boys are terrified to speak up in fear of being ostracized.

The problem is when they DO speak up, the energy from real life adults is….

“Well why you JUST wan talk now? He rape you last week and you JUST wan say something? This timing doesn’t suit my needs so I’ve decided to not believe you!”

The problem is our families protect sexual predators.

The problem is we watch predators prey on our children with reckless abandon and say/do nothing.

And the problem is, I started this article off with a story about me being sexualized at the age of 14 by a woman and you read it like it was cute without blinking because that’s just how numb and blind we are to it all.

We didn’t lose Bella to paedophilia, we lost her because we didn’t protect her.

We’re all to blame.

Be safe tho