Dear Essential Bahamian Workers: Thanks For Everything

By Drew

We’re learning a lot during these days of……inside. I think we’ve all seen just how dumb a lot of us are. We’ve learned that we really can be innovative and efficient if we want to be. We’ve learned that, during a brand new never been seen before pandemic that we’re not learning nearly enough according to some Bahamian influencers…..

“If you don’t come out of this with a masters degree, a new skill like advanced yoga or the mastery of shaolin kung fu than what is your life worth?” – Bahamian Influencer that doesn’t pay rent/have kids/live with their mommy

We’ve also learned who is essential.

Let me be very clear: not all of us are essential. I saw y’all on social media talking bout…

“Good Morning HeadKnowles, Who is truly essential? My job is JUST as essential as anyone else job!!”

Her job….

“Hi guys, I’m having a sale on the newest Flat Tummy Tea! Hit me up or whatsapp me! Use promo code “Corona19” for 88cents off your first 12 purchases while supplies last!” #Essential

Not all jobs are essential and not all workers are essential but to those that are, on behalf of all of us, I just want to say thank you.

I know a few of you are butthurt over me saying “not all workers are essential” because deep down we all think we bring something to the table to keep this island of ours interesting and push us forward.

And you’re right.

There’s not a job in the Bahamas or a worker that isn’t important or that doesn’t deserve praise, admiration and a living wage that reflects their efforts. I truly mean that. But, to the “all jobs are essential” naysayers, and I can not stress this enough, fuck ALL the way off.

Are you great and important and awesome at what you do? Absolutely. But this is what the world looks like with organic soap makers….

And now this is the world WITHOUT organic soap makers…..

And now this is the world with Doctors and nurses

…..and this is the world without doctors and nurses….

Weird how making organic soap didn’t help anyone in this mass grave. I wonder if flat tummy tea deliveries could have helped?? #We’llNeverKnow

So, please….miss me with the bullshit about “All jobs are essential”.

They’re not.

What we’ve come to realize during the covid is just who is necessary and needed and we have to acknowledge ALL of them especially the people in the medical industry.

Can you imagine doing pre med, graduating, going to medical school, studying your ass off, sleepless/sexless nights, losing your edges because of the stress, graduating, coming home excited to serve ya people and not be broke, get hired, go through the crucible of becoming a medical professional on this island, getting slapped with this shit mid journey….

Y’all didn’t wan pay them last year to the point they had to strike….AND STILL NOT GET PAID….ine forget. #KeepThatSameEnergy

….and then a goddamn pandemic hits.

Notice not one doctor or nurse has jumped to the newspaper demanding their pay from last year. I have not seen one threat, complaint, bitter dialogue….nothing. They are standing 10 toes down on the front lines of this pandemic putting their lives in literal harm’s way. They are underpaid, right now short staffed, and underappreciated and all they asked of us was to stay our asses home so their life saving jobs could be a bit easier.

And what was niggas response?

Look at niggas. Just fucking look at niggas. #WeGaDie #ElectricSlideToHell

But what I am not seeing in this conversation is praise for the OTHER essential medical workers. They ALL deserve praise. Understand that the hospital is not just doctors and nurses, even tho they are vital they are not the whole.

Space cleaners, custodians, garbage men, laundry, maintenance, accounting, marketing, whoever makes that goddamn hospital bread that tastes like a yeasty orgasm….

I would sacrifice all of you to the pits of hell for some hospital bread with cheddar cheese microwave melted on top of it and I mean that IDC IDC!!

They are ALL essential.

To ALL medical staff…….Thank you.

And even tho we have all been waxing poetic about medical employees and praising them (as we should) lets not forget the OTHER guys.

Ya, this is awkward now because the people I’m about to mention are the ones y’all was cussing out BEFORE the covid and now y’all on manners….ine forget.

Before the covid y’all was on some…

“You see the price on this, hoe? How dare you raise this price by 25 cents and not tell me and me alone you piece of shit good for nothing minimum wage ass cant pass a BGCS or E, no edges having…..”

That was y’all when outside was open.


“Good afternoon, “LaQuana! I would like to purchase several of your wares but do take your time and if there is ANYTHING I can do to assist you with my purchases please don’t hesitate to ask. Proceed whenever you are ready, queen!”

Same for bank tellers/staff, pump attendants, garbage men and the list goes on. We are being what we ALWAYS should have been to who we thought were beneath our station: We are being nice.

Shit, I’m right there with you.

I was so polite to the McDonalds drive thru nigga the other day regardless of the typical long wait. I was just excited to be outside and not eating tuna.

“Nah don’t apologize for the 3hr wait its just a pleasure to be served by you and heres a tip. And not to be weird but, I love you….I really mean that”

And make no mistake, they are ALSO on the front lines of this thing. If you don’t think the Wendy’s drive thru lady is in more danger than you and your quarantine bae sitting home with your snacks then you’re wrong. They are out here serving thousands of you and NOT getting hazard pay. All they get in this is hand sanitizer and a mask….that’s it.

To them I wanna say, thank you.

And to our Government workers, Policeman, BPL, Water & Sewage, Social Services, BTC…..thank you. I know a lot of y’all go unnoticed on a good day especially Water & Sewage.

We really take y’all for granted.

Actual pic of Water & Sewage workers watching other governmental utility workers get praise for doing the bare minimum when they been the real MVP’s since Pindling emancipated us from the Sith. #WhenLastYourWaterWasOff? #iThoughtSo

And lastly, to our political leaders..


I really am not a fan of Hubert Minnis….let me be super clear. But, facts don’t care about your feelings. The fact is no other Prime Minister we have ever had has had to deal with so much so soon.

Nigga….Dorian was LAST YEAR.

This nigga had to deal with a new hurricane. You hear me? Niggas never saw a Cat 6 in our lifetime. Even Basil Dean was shook. When Basil Dean is scared we should ALL be scared cause that nigga don’t care bout shit let alone the weather.

I love that no one can tell me what year this picture was taken because the seas have been 4-7 feet over the ocean our entire lives and we just let him live cause its Basil and we accept him for who he is. #NationalTreasure

Then right after Dorian, right when we thought life would be normal…..BAM….Covid. I’m not saying that God doesn’t like Hubert Minnis. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying I feel like God is looking down at Minnis like….

Minnis need to ask white Jesus where his heart and compassion is, not us, cause this is a lot, beloved.

So, hate him or love him, this nigga is trying his best.

Is he fucking up here and there? For sure.

But anyone else wanna wear that crown right now let alone the past 2 years? Y’all can beat your gums and fingers up on social media all you want. This man is holding it, and us, together during unprecedented circumstances. Only thing he’s done that’s been unforgivable really is…..

Why is she still a thing? I coulda tell by her lips she was problematic but y’all wash ya hands and be safe I guess.

And, Duane Sands……you fucked up, beloved. But I didn’t want to see you go. Wasn’t a fan of you either but you did A LOT of good during your time. The junior doctors and “people flying in when the borders are closed” shit aside, you were handling this pandemic like a boss. Calm, intelligent, concise, hopeful, clear, sobering……it was a joy to watch you work. I was hoping your resignation was an apology and that the Prime Minister would reject it but here we are.

Listen, our government is not perfect. Both political parties have their flaws. I’m not here to cast judgement on people doing a job I’m clearly not qualified to do. If I was in politics right now I would have resigned LONG time….

Pictured above: Me, a politician, hearing about Covid-19 after barely surviving Dorian. #WeGaLink

So thank you Prime Minister and Duane Sands and everyone in the government. We can talk shit about how lousy y’all are at (insert non pandemic thing that effects me directly that I wanna bitch about to anyone that will listen here) later. But for now we all need each other.

Essential or not….we all need each other.

This is OUR country and these are OUR people. Lets act like it.

Before I go I wanna acknowledge the fact that we have friends, family and loved ones abroad on AMERICAN front lines that we need to make sure get their flowers.

Noelle Rolle

Ramanda Lee

Myron Rolle

(I only know them but if there are more PLEASE add them so we can give them their flowers as well)

Y’all over there with Trump and people protesting with guns. Be safe and know we’re proud of you.

We’re proud of ALL of our essential people on the front lines of this war so again…..I could never say it enough but…

Thank you.

Be safe tho.