Don’t Blink Drip SZN


It took us 10 days.

One does not expedite the process of drip determination and a subsequent ranking system. It takes time.

For 10YS, this is the most important part of the Don’t Blink Hone Run Derby in Paradise. It’s easy to figure out who hits the most home runs – that’s just math. There’s no subjectivity or nuance in that discussion. This requires a certain set of skills – including but not limited to – sneaker and hip hop culture.

You’ve come to the right place.

Our home run derby has transitioned from a mere baseball event to a showcase for young athletes to show off their personality and fashion sense.

There’s no other platform where this many young Bahamian pro athletes gather to host their own event on their own terms, completely void of the bureaucratic oversight that ruins anything fun in this country.

It’s a strange juxtaposition that the sport governed by archaic unwritten rules despised by everyone under 40 has become the forum of free expression for this group, but here we are.

The NBA, more than any other league has blended sport and fashion like never before and the Don’t Blink participants bring that energy to Montague every year.

The event itself represents a cultural shift, young Bahamian athletes on their own. In a few years, we’ve had more teenagers sign life changing deals than in any other sport – and no one gets to see them play. Sure, the baseball community that grew up watching them play at Freedom Farm and JBLN watched them play growing up, but for the most part the Bahamian public never gets to see them perform on the main stage.

This is it, this is their moment to do it at home, so naturally the goal is to show out.

I got sidetracked a bit waxing poetic about the macro…this really is just about kicks and music. Criteria for our completely subjective list also included their music choice for their at bat.

Out of 28 participants we parsed it down to an elite eight bracket.

1.Jazz Chisholm

The top overall seed had the Naruto theme going through the entire fit – from the custom Adidas to the hoodie to the Victus bat.

100 Summers – Meek Mill
As for the song choice, the parallels between a successful baseball career and ballin’ in the summer are everywhere you look in these lyrics. It’s also about wanting prosperity for those around you and that’s what the Bahamian baseball community is like (for the players…not the old guys).

8. D’Vaughn Knowles

The Jordan 9s that faded from dark pink to a lighter hue would have been good enough on their own, but the customized drip, Yankees logo and map of the Bahamas secured his place in the bracket.

Tap – Nav ft Meek Mill
Meek may have the greatest catalogue of workout songs in hip hop history and although it’s a feature on Nav’s track he set the tone for this one.

2.D’Shawn Knowles

10YS almost came apart at the seams arguing the top overall seed and D’Shawn had a strong case. Jordan 1s in the pink and white color way was accompanied by some dope attention to detail. The grass fringe above the sole, the reversed Nike tick with the Angels logo and Flamingo on opposite sides, the IG handle on the midsole, “Don’t Blink” on the toe box and the highlight of the shoe – the hibiscus decal on the inner quarter panel.

Bop – Da Baby
Bop is arguably the most fun song in hip hop right now with the greatest cross over appeal. It’s probably the only song my mom’s heard in the last three months that’s not an Anglican hymn.

7. Dax Stubbs

It may have been his first derby appearance but Dax came to play. He wore some customized Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 2 Turf Shoes with an airbrushed island seascape, Bahamian flag and underwater scene featuring a blue marlin.

I Am Who They Say I Am – Youngboy NBA
Hear me out on this one…I Am Who They Say I Am is a mantra of confidence and self assurance in one’s skillset – Whether it’s hitting home runs or switching from a wraith to lamb. It’s the energy we want a rookie to have.

3.Lucius Fox

The pink Under Armor Harper 4 Turf Shoes were customized with floral details highlighted by Fox’s personal logo, “Dont Blink” on the toe box and the #BahamasStrong hashtag.

Big Dreamz – B7ayre
If someone makes you the cover art for their single you pretty much have to use their song at the next home run derby (another one of baseball’s unwritten rules). This was the only song that afternoon I didn’t recognize right away so I had to do some research and now Big Dreamz is on my gym playlist rotation. So even if Lucius doesn’t win the bracket he made some new fans for a local artist.

6. Trent Deveaux

On his feet, Trent rocked Adidas x Raf Simons Ozweego collab the pink and metallic silver color way. No matter how far away you were, once the light hit them at the right angle you had to stop, stare and ask what they were.

ZeZe – Kodak Black (ft Travis Scott and Offset)
The steel pans at the beginning of the track were the perfect pairing with a home run derby on the beach. That’s it, that’s all he needed to get the crowd going.

4. Chavez Young

Young also rocked custom Under Armor Harper 4 Turf Shoes and had a lot of messages and he causes he wanted to represent. We saw “Hollywood” – his nickname, “Flindo World” – ode to a fallen friend, “Freeport Strong” – to highlight his Grand Bahama roots, John 3:16, the Bahamian flag decal and more.

The Box – Roddy Rich
The Box is the number one song in America, he was getting on this list for that alone. Everyone go listen right now.

5. Keithron Moss

Most improved shoe game from 2019. From New Balance to the Adidas x Pharrell Williams Collab NMD Human Race “Infinite Species” custom pink color way.

Highest In the Room – Travis Scott
Scotts’s first post Jenner single did numbers and has been one of the most captioned songs for athlete social media posts since it dropped. Perfect song choice.

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Also…Lewis Brinson hit the most home runs or whatever.