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5 Bahamian Entrepreneurs, You Can Support This Holiday Season

Andrew normally writes these articles and in all honesty, he’s much better at them than I am.

But it’s Christmas Eve and me rushing around at the last minute to find presents for my loved ones this year, have left me with a newfound respect for not only people that prepare for the holiday season, but for the entrepreneurs who see my unprepared form crawling out of the shadows from a mile away. 

I thought I’d at the very least give some of those entrepreneurs a little bit of shine. So, here are  Bahamian Entrepreneurs, you should totally support this Holiday Season.

5. Ashley Baker-Comarcho

She’s not on the list just because I’m her namesake. She’s honestly one of the hardest working women in Grand Bahama. Dealing with the aftermath that Hurricane Dorian had on her various businesses and watching her rise out of the ashes of the chaotic ripple effects of the storm has probably been one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. Outside of owning the Dive-In Bar and Restaurant at UNEXSO in Grand Bahama, Ashley is an amazing artist whose work you can find at Pelican Bay .  

4. Matthew Wildgoose 

Owner of the  ‘It is What it is’ studio, Matthew Wildgoose is a Bahamian Artist who has created stunning paintings of Sir Lynden Pindling, Ronnie Butler, Hubert Ingraham and more. The thing I love about Matthew is that he aims to make art attainable for all, there’s no pomp or pageantry. It shows in his studio where he offers intimate Sip & Paint classes for all to enjoy. Dakarai once said that “Gals love nothing more than their birthdays and Sip & Paints.” He wasn’t all the way wrong on that one so, Gift your fave with one of Matthew’s classes here

Matthew Wildgoose with some of his participants

3. Britt Sweeting

Beauty is one of those frightening topics for me. I’m safe behind the computer screen and my fancy words and the second people begin to talk about makeup and manicures and everything beauty, I panic. Britt is the sole proprietor of ‘Lash & Leisure’ one of the few eyelash extension services on the island and is probably one of the few people that has made beauty services sound less aggressive. Lash & Leisure services over 100 clients on the island of Grand Bahama and they’re hoping to expand to other family islands soon. You can book an appointment here

2 & 1. Lian and Nicole LeBlanc

Picture it, Freeport, 2019. I’m in an anxiety-induced frenzy because I’ve just realized Christmas is a day away and I’ve yet to purchase my aggressively Bahamian mother a gift. The Leblanc sisters came through in the entire clutch. They’re based in London now but were raised in Freeport Grand Bahama and their jewellery showcases so many things that make our Bahamian culture unique. Their handcrafted  Ocean and Lucayan themed jewellery will leave even the toughest critic, speechless. You can purchase their amazing work here

Honourary Mention:

Us. That’s right 10th Year Seniors merch makes the perfect Christmas present, so check out our online store here.

It’s Christmas Eve, I know, but don’t let anyone tell you that it’s too late to purchase the perfect gift while still supporting local vendors.

Do you have a favourite Bahamian Entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below!

Until then, Merry Christmas… and all of the other holiday things one should say in order to sound decent.