Bahamian Mental Health, Therapy and Why You Should Check On Your “Strong” Friend

By Drew

I am not a saint. Never crossed my mind to be. I was always good with the bad guy role. But if we’re being fair and really looking at these “saints” the bar is pretty low in my mind. Ever heard of Saint Dismas?

He’s the dude on the cross on the left staring directly at our lord and savior’s penis #DirtyDismas

Dude was a thief all his life then LITERALLY found Jesus and repented minutes before his inevitable death. I mean…it’s not the worst plan if we’re being fair.

“They say Papa Drew’s last words was a prayer to God to be accepted into heaven. Also why did a hooker find his body with no pants on before he died? #CumAndGoTheSameTime #iHaveAPlan”

See, the hero never seems mentally ill because of all the love he gets. Superman seems extremely well adjusted and loved. Lex Luther looks like a big bad bully until you realize Superman is the lone survivor of a destroyed planet that sent him to earth where he is practically a god and has never really mentally unpacked his crippling loneliness because, every goddamn 5 minutes, someone, or Lois, is falling out of a building.

This nigga is so dead inside but ….I mean…. up up and away I guess

So, from the Bahamian saints to our superheros, it’s been a long time coming but we really need to talk about mental health in this country.

The reason I specifically brought up sinners and superheros is because that’s pretty much the way Bahamians LOOK at mental health. You could have high tier schizophrenia and niggas will pass it off cavalierly like its nothing.

“Who? Bernice who always talking to herself and shows patterns of delusion, hallucinations, and depression? Lol….that bitch head ain good! Lol….lets ignore it and then act surprised when she starts harming herself one day!!”

Look at the way we treat alcoholism.

We look at it like a sport.

If you can take down a 40oz of Hennessy then you’re a legend and if someone catches it on video and shares it on whatsapp? Shiiiiiit……you’re more than a legend…..You’re whatsapp famous!

Being whatsapp famous in Nassau is like being the best hooker in a brothel: Weird flex but you’re fucked either way….enjoy it while you can

We never question why that person drank themselves to being homeless. I mean sure, we’ve all heard the stories from our mothers on the drive home.

Stop me if you’ve been told this one.

“That homeless man cursing out pigeons used to be a neurosurgeon but after a bad break up and no one giving a shit enough to recommend therapy let alone mentally support him and check on his mental health look at him now!” #itsMoreThanJustBeingDrunkKaren

Especially men on this island.

Please don’t misunderstand me: We ALL could use a hug, a good talk, a good cry, and maybe if this article hits a little different you too (as I do) need professional therapy. But, if we’re being honest, women can do half of the above without issue…..Men?

Not so much.

We would rather call each other gay and mock each other “affectionately” meanwhile girls are allowed to be out here on some…


Meanwhile, niggas whole life could blow up in a day….lose everything and everyone and if he sheds one tear we’re on him REAL quick.

“Lol….look at this bitch nigga crying just cause his whole life got uprooted and he has no coping mechanisms…lol…this nigga gay!”

How many of our people have to commit suicide?

The numbers are getting up there, people. How long are we gonna keep up this façade like “His/Her head ain no good!” is a reasonable argument for clear mental illness?

How long?

How many times do our men have to not cry and hold it in in the name of being “a real man”?

How many gay youth have to leave this island let alone commit suicide because we’re more concerned about shaming someone for what they do behind closed doors, that affects none of us, rather than care for the individual WHO IS ONE OF US?

“I know you’re on the path to finding the cure for cancer AND AIDS simultaneously but this liking man shit is a real problem for me, beloved”

How many?

And please, do not misunderstand me: I am one of you. After this article I’m gonna hit the gym and tell some chick that when I lift heavy weights that its my “therapy”.

Lol…..that line hits different when the one thing you thought was therapy can’t mend your blaring daddy issues after he dies from cancer. Can’t deadlift when you’re fighting back tears that won’t fall because you were conditioned to NOT cry when things hurt.

You too could get these shoulders if your dad doesn’t hug you enough! #Fitness

And that’s not to say that every strong man, bodybuilder or fitness buff is hurting or depressed.

Not at all.

But….how many of us use our hobbies and vices as a crutch because we don’t wanna look our sadness and mental illnesses in the face? Not all these weed heads are weed heads. Some of y’all trying to escape a world that hurt you too bad. Y’all say wild shit when you high then when you sober the next day we all act like we didn’t hear shit.

Ine forget.

“My older cousin molesting me aside, you think a love seat is just for lovers or can a single person sit in it too? Lol…don’t mind me I high!” #WaitWhat??

And can we please stop the inevitable news report where someone kills themselves and we hear the same old, “They were so happy….so jovial and full of laughter and jokes! This came out of nowhere!!”.

Did it?

When last did you check on your strong friend?

No, not ask them for a favor or ask them how they’re doing and then stare off into the distance thinking about your own self as you, “that’s crazy” them for 10 minutes you selfish piece of shit.

“What? No…thats crazy….wild….noooooooo….for real?” – Me. I’m the selfish piece of shit

You know that one chick in the group that you think has it all together?

You know her.

Chick whose making good coin, single mother, always on the go, works out, always with the jokes and has everyones back….you know her? Ya…..check on her. She needs a hug and not for you to ask for a favor…..AGAIN.

“Hey girl…how you? Yeah cool….listen, BPL doing shit again and I know I still owe you from last time but…..” #ImGoodByTheWay

You know that one guy.

Always funny. Always the first to say lets go drink/smoke. But when he drinks or smokes he turns into a nightmare. Cursing everyone out. Ready to fight. Or he goes home and beats his woman and we chalk it up to, “he has a bad temper”.

Nigga….it came from somewhere.

You can’t just, “It Be like that sometimes” your way out of telling your boy he needs therapy. That’s like me being a policeman and I just state the obvious with NO investigation.

“Ok….what we have here is a murder….this person is clearly dead by someone else’s hands but thine my business. Y’all feel like some Green Parrot or…..?”

We gotta stop making fun of people because half the time people have BEEN trying to reach out and we mock them, throw them away with laughter and send them to a possible goddamn grave.

Not everyone who says they “have a lot going on” should be ignored, beloved. And it’s never an extreme when they mention it either. Its subtle, but noticeable, and we ignore it every time.

“I just going through a lot but I’m good”

“Yeah its been rough but God is able”

“I just been trusting in God that he’ll make a way”

“Boy tings ain tings but I holdin on”

“I just don’t like to be around anyone lately….I don’t know what wrong with me….maybe I just need to get laid lol”

Niggas will flat out TELL us what’s wrong and we’ll sidestep it like its nothing. A person could be like, “I’ve been sad a lot lately and I’ve had thoughts of killing myself and it scares me”, and niggas’ll be like…

“Is ….is this about your break up with Reggie? You want some dick to calm you down some wine?”



Oh, and speaking of Jesus… is great. Church is really great. Every time I go (which is not often) I feel uplifted. The singing, the love, the giving of what they think is 10% of my salary but not really cause who decided that shit?

“What’s a reasonable amount of money we can get per person that would afford us a lifestyle worthy of our ministry? They’ll riot over 20%….wait….I got it!!” #ThatBenzWontBuyItself

If your religion is Jesus or Allah or Beyonce or Selassi  or whatever these Ankh niggas believe….I think they worship Wesley Snipes cause that nigga is super black…whatever you believe that’s cool. But religion sometimes isn’t the ONLY answer.

Please stop trying to pray mental illness away. Niggas be out here depressed and NO ONE notices. Meanwhile every Sunday they are the FIRST ones to go to the altar for prayer….crying, shaking, catching the “spirit”.

Sometimes that’s not the “spirit”, beloved.

Some of those people are hurt. Your little come to jesus team consisting of an accountant, a lawyer and the woman that makes the sandwiches after church may not be the BEST people to talk them off the ledge.

Oh, I see the way it goes down.

Person goes to the altar…

“Pastor I feel sad all the time for no reason and I don’t know whats wrong”

Then, the Pastor….

“Boy, good thing pastor prayed for me….I feel so uplifted by the word of God and I can’t wait to start a new day in my life!”
“So…its me again….still feel sad all the time for no reason so….” #ItsNotDemonsYou’reDepressedMyNigga #JesusSaves #SoDoesTherapy

Listen, I don’t have the information you need.

I tell dick jokes, hide behind a computer and try to make you guys laugh.

That’s about it.

But it can’t go on this way. WE can’t go on this way. Harrison Thompson is not just lightskin, he’s also a legit Psychologist…….the lightskin thing is just a reflection of his empathy. Lightskin niggas feel feelings different: That’s just science.

“I never met this nigga in my life but I would tell him everything if he asked. I trust him…I don’t why but I just do”

Go see him or let him recommend someone you can see. He’s actually a great guy and it would all be confidential. Trust me on that. I could call names of others but that’s more personal but feel free to contact me and I can recommend people because I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m fucked up too.

I’m right there with you.

I just refuse to go out like Saint Dismas who I mentioned earlier. I don’t want to end up a broken shattered thing on a cross of my own making begging a man I don’t know for salvation possibly too late to hold. He was a thief but the thing he stole most was time….from himself. I don’t wanna see another Bahamian, male or female, lose MORE time not being mentally well.

“All this time spent in vain, wasted years, wasted gain.
All is lost, hope remains, and this war’s not over.
There’s a light, there’s the sun, taking all shattered ones.
To the place we belong, but love will conquer all.” – Trading Yesterday

Be safe tho