Game of Thrones – But Did you DIE? *Spoilers*

By 8YJ

We here now. Six episodes down. So guys, writer, showrunners, that’s enough fucking around guys, enough characters teleporting across the continent, enough dumb ideas, enough weird dialogue, enough deus ex machina saves, enough with the clever plans.

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones is usually the true game changer leaving fans either horrified or elated. This one left fans, horrified, elated, confused and for the first time kinda worried.

The horror from this episode came at the expense of Danny and her dragons. Viceron named after her chicken chest brother that everyone agrees was a just a YUGE douchebag, but Viceron did not deserve this. He had to hold this L because Jon ‘Suicidal/PTSD’ Snow decided to keep attacking ice zombies instead of JUST GRABBING CHARGIES HAND AND GETTING ON THE DAMN DRAGON.

But yah know what there was violence on both sides.

The product of Ice Dicks

That entire sequence will be remembered as both a Thrones high point for the CGI, fan service base of the party and a low point for everyone who rides for George RR Martin style storytelling.

However, you know what everyone can agree with? The Arya/Sansa stuff is trash. It’s just dumb and a betrayal of Arya and her character. My own personal theory is that this is all just a ruse by Sansa and Arya to lull Little Finger into a false sense of security so Arya can add one more face to her collection and serve her God….

Life is about expectations. The showrunners know this. A lot of people are down on Thrones logic this season chiefly because of well, the dumbest plan in the 7 Kingdoms. But that just means they have room to provide us with an all-timer in the finale this Sunday. I’m calling it now…we’re getting an All-Timer (Yes I’m aware I just ruined my own expectations. So what. Cersei in 8).

So again.

We here now…

I have faith they will rebound from the clusterfuck of a plan “Get a zombie for Cersei who has her own zombie and knows dragons exist but still”. They have one more arrow left in season 7 and they’re putting the ball in the hands of their closer. Cersei.

“Muddasick dread I thought you had 3 dragons tho. What happened?” – Cersei “Cardi C” Lannister

Cersei has won the last two season finales. Season 5 and 6. Ending her Walk of Shame and then becoming the greatest terrorist in Westrosi history. Do not invade Russia in the winter, never fight a land war in Asia, and do not let Cersei make it to the finale alive and expect to win.

At this point, I don’t know what works better for the show. Cersei dying right here or surviving until season 8.


If Cersei survives….She may win the championship. You never want to face Lebron or Kobe in a Game 7. You never want to face Tom Brady in the Super Bowl (Unless you’re Eli) and you never want to go one on with Cersei in a finale.

I mean unless you have GOT Jesus on your side.

“I SEEN THE NIGHT KING” – Jon ‘I do my best work in caves’ Snow

Jon Snow’s like that annoying friend that just got “Woke” to shit you been knowing and can’t stop repeating takes from five years ago.

“I seen the Night King!” – Jon

“Yeah it’s like the entire reason we’ve existed for like thousands of years” – The Night’s Watch

“Um Yeah. I know. I see everything. You know who your daddy is tho?” – Tree Eye Bran

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The Lone Wolf Dies. But the Pack Survives.

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