8YJ – I Need a Minute – Appropriation, Amber and Balls

By 8YJ

Better late than never… In this 8YJ podcast we discuss cultural appropriation versus cultural exploitation, have an incoherent discussion on Amber Rose’s vaginas (45:08)and then Nal won’t shut-up about the NBA Finals(53:00) and Kari tries to talk 10YS into Shabbat(1:07:25).

Trigger Warning

I don’t know what triggers people more, MTV Decoded, Buzzfeed or FoxNews just know that whenever any of these entities talk about anything touching race it’s gonna be a shit show in the comment section….but anyway in case you wanted a definition of Cultural Appropriation to either whole heartedly agree with or totally dismiss off hand here is.

It’s always all about the hair

So there’s one interpretation of it and then there’s this….

I watched this video and immediately and wondered the following:

a.) What was the exact mixture of drugs she was on before she decided to approach this stranger about his hair?

b.) How long is this dude gonna rock this dreadlock look after this encounter ?

c.)As in all social media candid moments…who is the jackass holding the camera?

d.) Did she never hear the outcast lyric, “Now question: is every nigga with dreads for the cause? Is every nigga with golds for the fall? Naw“?


On another note. I don’t know how we expect things like this to get better, change, or progress without uncomfortable conversations.


Slut Walk 

She showed a picture of her vagina featuring pubes, and we were supposed to take it as a statement, and if we didn’t we were mysoginist living in our bubble of male privilige…ok

I mean she fine tho. I’m sure all rails of feminism have issues with all of this, we should probably get an al female cast to talk about this at somepoint.

The Hate will only make Dub-Nation stronger

Can’t believe the Warriors didn’t sweep the Cavs. It did however take a record breaking performance by the defending champs to peel off even one game, but hey they can always crush the playoffs again next year after they’ve had another year of playing together and even better chemistry.

I hope the Lacob’s keep this team together, fuck a luxury tax. I mean what’s more important than your legacy?

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