8YJ – I Need a Minute – Wonder Woman & Tiger


In the latest 8YJ podcast we discuss the highly anticipated Wonder Woman film, Tiger Wood’s latest dark turn and which countries The Bahamas could take in a military conflict.

We’re looking at you Antigua!

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As of the publishing of this article, Wonder Woman…A DC movie…with a female lead…is sitting at a 97% positive score on Rotten Tomatoes. This is either an over-correction by critics who fear they’ll be seen as anti-feminist for criticizing the film, or they knocked this shit out the park and you should line up to watch it right now. If you wanted a deep dive into Wonder Woman’s background we have something for you…

Wonder Woman/BDSM/Polygraphs/Polyamorists 

Look, if you wanted to jump right to the 6:07 portion of this video, I wouldn’t hold it against you. I mean it’s just useful information we should all have as we break down every word and movement that Wonder Woman makes.

Our Girlfriend is back and she’s better than your Girlfriend

Ok so somehow in a Wonder Woman discussion we ended up talking about Game of Thrones and of course the only Queen that matters Cersei Lannister. I really couldn’t connect with blind political loyalty until I watched this trailer and decided that I’m Lannister for life. WHATEVER STANDS IN OUR WAY WE WILL DEFEAT IT!

Sorry I need to settle down…

I mean, I guess Davos had the second best lines in this trailer or whatever, but we’re here for Cersei and Cersei alone. Definitely not this Daenerys chick and her rats with wings. That’s right, expect a lot of anti-dragon pro-Cersei rhetoric on these podcasts. Is she in Wonder Woman? She should be in Wonder Woman.

Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

His lawyers said percs…His face says Anejo.

Back when Dave Chapelle did the famous Racial Draft sketch, Tiger Woods was the first overall pick. Damn, man. You were first fam. Ahead of Obama. This is what happens when you stray away from who you truly are, man, you like Pornstars and dirty waitress fam. Live your truth.

Tiger insists he was on meds and not drinking when he got his DUI. Imagine you’re at the point in your life where your alibi for drunk driving is prescription meds. Get your side-chicks back Tiger, ASAP.

We have to start preparing for the Bajan conflict right now

We end the podcast talking Carribean military strategy. This video has The Bahamas ranked as the 10th weakest military but don’t stress that point. This means there are at least 10 countries we can legitimately take. Someone send this to Prime Minister Tunrquest we need to have a talk.

I’ll say it again: Barbados been sending subliminal from time.


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