More Life Reloaded: Top Five Tracks


So, it’s been exactly two weeks and three days since Drake dropped his fifth studio album ‘More Life’. Although  the highly anticipated “playlist” has garnered mixed reviews from critics and “true” hip-hop fans (mostly Kendrick and Cole fans), I’ll be the first to admit, that we at 10th Year Seniors loved all 22 tracks. No exaggeration.We play every song everyday.

However, the only thing we can’t seem to agree on is which tracks should be considered as the top five songs on the album. Although picking out just five of the 22 songs was as tough as a parent picking their favorite child, a few of us were able to complete the daunting task of choosing the five songs we think are literally the best of the best.

I made sure that I took this survey a few weeks after the release, because if you know a Drake album, you know there will be some samples that take some time to grow on you. Those tracks usually go from ‘mehh’ to favorites in a matter of days.

So without further ado, here’s my five:

  1. Jorja Interlude
  2. Gyalchester
  3. Skepta Interlude- it’s not Drake, but I don’t care
  4. Madiba Riddim
  5. Get it Together

As you can see, my five features a little bit of everything, from grime raps to island Drizzy. A lot of people take issue with the afro beat/dancehall style tracks, but to me, those are what separates Drake from the pack.

The point of the playlist was to show diversity, and with that being the criteria, I consider More Life to be a job well done. Of course it’s not better than ‘Nothing Was The Same’, which was Drake’s best body of work to date in my opinion; neither was it better than Take Care. However,  the More Life playlist is sure to make Instagram captions a whole lot more interesting this summer, and at the end of the day, isn’t that really what it’s all about?

I’m sure Drake still has something in store this year for all of the hip-hop heads that want to hear fast rap and tough bars. But for right now, let’s just enjoy the moment.

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Here are some of the other 10YS team members’ top fives:

Dakari: Portland, Can’t Have Everything, KMT, Passionfruit, Sacrifices

Timmy: Sacrifices, KMT, Portland, Free Smoke, Passionfruit

Andrew: Passionfruit, Do Not Disturb, KMT, Sacrifices, Jorja Interlude

Renaldo: Free Smoke, KMT, Can’t Have Everything, Sacrifices, Glow