8YJ – I Need a Minute – The Problematic Apocalypse

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In the latest 8YJ podcast we react to the internet outage for much of the island on Saturday. We re-tell how we survived the internet doomsday and give some advise on what you should do the next time it happens.

We can’t stress this enough, download the podcast fam, you never know when we could be thrown into a Dystopian novel again it ain’t out here.

The Apocalypse 

This was partially our fault, naps were had. This is what happens when you take naps people. Apparently this started in Freeport but 10YS is investigating whether corporate sabotage was involved. BTC had some solid troll memes out there, but Aliv needed to respond quicker than Nicki, right?

Last Saturday

The one thing this hiccup has highlighted is the importance of competition in our telecommunication industry. Aliv gave us unlimited data and BTC came back with a reduced data price (let’s be honest, they probably could’ve offered from time but monopolies).

Say problematic one more Gad Damned time

Kendrick Lamar, everyone’s favorite “woke” rapper came back 2 weeks ago with the Heart IV and it consumed a lot of social media. He followed that up with a fully conceptualized video for his new single ‘Humble’, which hits on some topical arguments in society and of course resulted in a backlash…….cause Twitter.

Women vs. women, woke vs. realist, beat/filtered/photoshopped vs. natural, dark skin vs. light skin (again), stretch marks vs. nah, flat asses versus phat asses, Kendrick vs. Drake/Big Sean.

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Angels, Planned Photos, Photoshoots

The best part about this no one said anything about the “Bitch be humble” line cause they get it…but do they get it though?

Game of Thrones is on the Way…

The trailer was literally just three people walking and then sitting down…and somehow it was lit AF. Don’t believe us? Watch below.

I know Cersei is gonna take an L this season and die a horrible death that’ll make soft people happy, but this site don’t care, we’re still #TeamCersei to the death. Just look at her on the iron throne, this is how it’s supposed to be.

Lesson here bey….You come at the Queen…You bess not miss.

And of course Alt Shift X breaks it all down…

Game of Thrones is coming back on 16.07.2017. Full disclosure, this is Kari’s birthday and he is certain that this is not a coincidence. Oh yeah Daeneryous the fan favorite was in the trailer too, apparently her long ass road trip looks to finally be at an end, that chair look wack as fuck tho, just saying. #Biased

Should’ve used Waze.

Oh, John Snow an appearance apparently? We only saw Cersei and of course the Ice giant at the end.

Obviously this is gonna end with them joining up and fighting the white walkers right? Everyone’s gonna die though, just know that, prepare your hearts now.


New Dates

Guess what else happened because of the internet apocalypse?

New Carnival dates – as John likes to say it, shit switched up by 10-days (cause weekends don’t count fam).

Look at this shit – 2 Weeks

For reasons we still don’t understand, the government decided to switch it up this year, telling all of those tourist that spent thousands to come and be apart of the events to circle back two weeks.

Now don’t get us wrong, Da False god (Ricardo) was trying to explain this, but all we could understand was election coming soon so Perry tell the Carnival organizers “rallies more important so y’all ‘be humble’ for a couple weeks.

Again, this is what happens when you take naps.


The MVP race is closer than you think


You thought we meant that Russel Westbrook/ James Harden wibe?

We’re clearly referring to the best features of 2016, best  features of 2017, best album of 2017. There is no debate here. MVP.

Here’s the picture of the new Beyonce. Norfa Lanta

As always thanks for listening, prepare for doomsday, #FreeTaxStone, don’t tell people how to look, get ready for Game of Thrones this summer and Stay Woke.

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