Why We Picked “The ‘Cats”…


I feel like we were lied to. How could we fall for this? Renaldo messaged us and said we all needed to write 300 words on who we think would win the NCAA tournament. Needless to say…he didn’t.


These are the takes from people who know how to follow the rules.


Why did I pick Kentucky to win? Well let’s go through the list of reasons why Big Blue winning is beneficial to the planet earth. Every time the Wildcats win it’s an affront to the free labor system of college sports that somehow manages to endure in a country so pro-capitalist. Calipari’s one and done factory is magical and to be honest I enjoy that the team turnovers. Every year just ends up being  a metaphor for living as a modern man, but I digress.

Drake’s “More Life” debuts on the same weekend Kentucky is about to embark on their tournament run….this is not a coincidence. Coach Cal has a pretty popular podcast and a Kentucky win means he gets to interview himself about the journey through the tournament. This may be the most meta moment of all time.  Also Kentucky winning results in videos like this….

Don’t pull no scene #2more #wemadeit #kentucky #wildcats #finalfour

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And this…

Reaction to a Kentucky win or Sannie asking for a date night? @readramblereact @sanniebrown

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Last thing – they have a guy named Monk on their team. How can we (10YS) not root for a team with a guy named MONK on it.



So that’s why I picked UK and if they take out all of their mortal enemies along the way (UCLA, UNC, Louisville, Kansas, Duke) that’s just a bonus.




As some people may know, I have quite a bit of ties to the Grand Canyon State – UCF won the Fiesta Bowl there, my nephew Dean was born in the city Tuscon, the city the University of Arizona happens to play in.

Years ago when my sister moved to the great city of Tucson….all right enough with the crap.

If you haven’t already, it’s time for people to jump on this DeAndre Ayton (UofA Commit) bandwagon now. With Arizona winning the national title it will only bring a bigger spotlight to the number 1 recruit of the 2017 Class and with that we will experience what we experienced during Buddy’s Senior season 10,000,000 times over.

Here are some other reasons to cheer on Arizona

  1. The Final Four is in Phoenix and what better team can they have that can rally that local economy.
  2. DeAndre Ayton most likely will be attending the games, giving him the precious air time we he needs before he enrolls in school.
  3. We can have the reigning National Champions be at Battle for Atlantis with the best Bahamian Basketball player of all time playing on home soil.

I think this makes the most logical sense for all the Bahamians who are watching this year’s March Madness.

There is only 1 exception that can trump an Arizona Championship.

  1. Kansas, Michigan State, or Middle Tennessee wins it all.

Odds of that happening are slim. With Kansas and Michigan State potentially meeting in the seconding round and eliminating one of themselves.

MTSU is a long shot at a 12 seed.

I also have great inside information (Anthon Bowleg) who said there’s no way in hell Kansas could beat UK twice in one season.

So in all, not only and cheering with my heart, but with my head unlike these other selfish idiots.