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In the latest 8YJ podcast Kari returns from Trinidad and discovers the world is on fire, Cardo refuses to write one more gaddamned story about swimming pigs , and Andrew just wants to get out of there and go watch Logan.

Once they settle down the conversation revolves mainly around Perry Christie’s finger incident. *Pause that for me fam* Editor’s note.

The Video

We conclude Trump had nothing to do with this but we would all do this at least 10 times a day if any of us were Prime Minister. But then again none of us should be Prime Minister. We move on to briefly discuss the fire at the dump this past weekend, but more importantly we discuss Perry Christie’s highly anticipated solo album, ‘General Election’.

Fire Track List

Whoever did this needs to contact us, because every Bahamian politician needs a tracklist.

Oh yeah the dump was on fire again, but we’re not gonna find a solution to this until, the fire interferes with Junkanoo carnival, a cruise line complains about it, or of course campaign season really kicks off and giving out t-shirts just won’t suffice.

Harrold Road dump


Cardo has his moment and leads the discussion on the death of seven of our swimming pigs. We debate whether the government’s narrative on the pig’s death makes any sense. Did they really eat sand? Did drunk tourist feed them alcohol? Has this all been elaborately staged by animal activist to free the pigs from this loop of being fed grapes by people in swimsuits?

Pour one out

John ain’t givin’ shit back

Kari tried to discuss the Oscar meltdown but that didn’t work at all so instead the guys debate if 10YS would ever willingly give up an award if we were in the middle of an acceptance speech. The answer is Fuck No.

moonlight-mistake-la-la-land-oscars-2017-4c9f107a-c74f-4680-91fd-44a0df7cd59c (1)
It says 10YS if you squint really really hard.

Carnival is over and we’re back on track everyone so stay tuned for more pods and as always, Listen. Like. Share. Subscribe.

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