Add This To Your Playlist – Pavy


Chicago is the still a hotbed for talent when it comes to hip-hop.

A good much of the hip-hop you have been listening to, either in the club or on your iPod for the last few years was created by someone with Chicago roots. There are legends like Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and the new kid on the block, you hear everytime you turn on the radio, Chance the Rapper. Then you have the other side of Chicago.  Chief Keef’s songs still incite near riots in the clubs and artists like Lil’ Reese, Fredo Santana, Lil Durk and King Louie still show up on your gym playlist while Jeremih  still shows up on your “slow” playlist. For the last few years, I’ve been listening to Pavy, who’s about to drop a new project in a few weeks.

If I had to describe his music I’m pretty sure I would do it a disservice. What I can say is that it’s incredible music, and that you can’t box it in. You can’t call him a turn-up rapper or a conscience rapper. All you can say is he’s an artist.One of my favorite songs in recent memory, featured above, is his track “Sha’s Song”. The thing with his music is that you can feel the personal touch to the content, which makes you connect to the song even more than you thought you would.

When we first linked up, Travis Bowe was riding high off “Oh Lord” and Pavy was set to release R.O.M.E. The team reached out to me, and Pavy did his thing on the track. Confession – I listen to this more than the original.


Yesterday he released the second single from his upcoming album, Me by Jonathan Mccoy, Drift. As much as I appreciate the sound of the music, I’m a visual person. I would purchase this project off the strength of the artwork alone. After R.O.M.E, Pavy and the team moved to LA and you can see the reflection in the cover. I expect to hear influences from both Chicago and LA in the project, and you can definitely see it in the visuals for Drift (featured below). The song in itself is hypnotic and the videographer could have relied on the scenery and the track to carry the video. Everyone can relate to the track – losing touch just a bit after getting intoxicated. This apparently is only video 2 of a 4 part series (you can watch the first one here) and you know the best is always saved for last.

Pavy is definitely worth the download and more, and with a lot of today’s hip-hop sounding the same, he’s a breath of fresh air for your headphones.