BAAA launches Project Quick Relief

In an effort to help provide relief for Bahamians affected by Hurricane Matthew, the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) has started a fund devoted to providing for those that were ravaged by the deadly Category 4 storm.

The project, centered on making a difference in the affected communities, was dubbed Project Quick Relief. All proceeds should be brought to the BAAA office at the old Thomas A Robinson stadium.

“I am directed by President Carey (Rosamunde) to advise of BAAA hurricane relief efforts, which are effective immediately,” said BAAA public relations officer Phillip Gray. “This initiative is consistent with her concerns prior to the onslaught of Hurricane Mathew via her correspondence with stakeholders. Post the hurricane President Carey has been making direct contact with constituents of the federation, in particular those in Grand Bahama and Andros.” President Carey has selected officers Sandra Laing and Dexter Bodie to lead the assessment of needs. The BAAA will work side by side with the Red Cross and HKers in their efforts.

“We wish to focus on monetary donations along with water, non-perishable food, clothing and athletic gear in excellent condition,” Gray continued. “All checks should be made out to the federation, noting that it is for hurricane relief.

“Mrs. Carey has begun the fund with a $500 personal donation. We commenced the receipt of items at the BAAA office tomorrow. We wish for as many stakeholders of the federation to participate in this initiative as we take care of our own.”

Hurricane Matthew was the strongest storm to hit The Bahamas since 1929. The storm, which virtually passed over every island in the country, caused significant damage in the central and northwest Bahamas.

Up to today, many on those islands are left without power due to the storm. Hundreds of Bahamians were forced to evacuate their homes ahead of the storm, due to the heavy winds and flooding that was linked to the powerful hurricane. Although the eye of the storm passed over New Providence, the intensity of the storm picked up as it moved over Andros and Grand Bahama.

The hardest hit communities in Grand Bahama were West End, Hunters, Pinder’s Point, Lewis Yard and Eight Mile Rock as a powerful storm surge rushed into homes and other structures. Lowe Sound, Andros was also considerably damaged in the storm, as many poles were ripped down by the storm and almost all of the homes were destroyed.