College Football Kickoff

This time of the year will always goes down and as on of the most spectacular weekends in the world. Not only is it Labour Day weekend in the USA, but it is the true kickoff for the College football season.

In which was dubbed the best opening weekend if at time lived up to its name, but also shows that no one really has an idea of what these teams will look like after their pre season hype.

The Streaks Are Over

Last season Kansas and UCF both had a perfect season, but in the wrong column. Both teams went winless while not being competitive in any games that season.

After 600+ days in what I can best describe as a “Shitty” season UCF finally with a new coaching staff was able to give me hope again about football. After winning against South Carolina State 38 – 0 and statistically having the best defense in Division 1 football, I’m going to run with that one, Coach Scott Frost brought his Blur Offense to Orlando and officially erased the pain and suffering of last season.

Kansas who also had an ofer of a season, were able to defeat Rode Island 52 – 6. The Kansas students took the opportunity to rush the field, but had some class as the refused tear down the goal post.

We might not have the chance to do this again this season
We might not have the chance to do this again.


I can make this one quick. I hate preseason ranking because they are very inaccurate. I still feel like we should wait until week 4 of the season to release the real rankings, as a sample of work is needed so be able to accurately rank these teams.

SEC Is Overrated.

Yeah i Said it, the SEC is overrated. In a 14 team conference the big bad SEC lost a total of 7 games on the opening weekend. The biggest shocker was South Alabama beating Mississippi State 21 – 20.

“Number 9” Tennessee was saved by a missed extra point ( College Kickers) and coaching time management blunder from Appalachian State at the end of the game.

LSU brought back Les Miles after they wanted to pay him a billion dollars to fire him last year only to be defeated by Wisconsin.

Big Blue nation officially lost out on their bowl eligibility after taking a 35 – 17 lead into halftime, then proceeded to give up 27 unanswered points to Southern Miss to lose 44-35.

It wasn't a good week to have Stoops as a last name.
It wasn’t a good week to have Stoops as a last name.
I can go on and on, but we will see how the SEC does minus Alabama for the rest of the season.
ACC Is A 2 Team Race
Florida state showed their best jackle and Hyde performance this weekend, with doing absolutely nothing in the fist half, to a 2nd half which put the fear in all the teams remaining on the schedule.
Some will look to Jamies Winston’s speech as the reason why they made this comeback, but the coaching staff and players were able to make the proper adjustments to take control of the game. That is a scary thought because they were down 20+ points to a very good team.
Clemson faced a tough test this weekend where they took the Death Valley crown defeating Auburn 19 -13. The offense was slow, but Clemson’s defense looked like they were in mid season form.
Coaching almost caused celmson the game with their running back going out of bounds with 1:45 to play, but the heroics of  SR defensive back Jadar Johnson breaking up 2 end zone passed with 15 seconds left in the game, shows that Clemson is ready to make this year a special one.