The Dive Heard Round The World

The Internet is undefeated.

At 10thYearSeniors, we subscribe to this mantra more than you know.

After we saw  Shaunae Miller defeat Allyson Felix in the 400m finals by DIVING AT THE GATDAMN  FINISH LINE, well we knew the Internet would not disappoint.

There were so many instant reactions to digest but the one that seemed to be the most fun for Bahamian Twitter (After celebrating the Gold Medal of course) was the salty reaction from American track fans. Their chief argument was that the dive was somehow illegal (you can taste the salt from their tears). It’s as if they’ve taken the blue pill from the Matrix and completely forgot that David Neville took a bronze away from out very own Chris Brown with a much less awesome dive.

Thjs guy didn’t even dye his hair. Lame.

So in the spirit of celebration and the internet losing their collective shit over this race we’ve collected some of our favorite memes, tweets and instagram post, and as always you people have no chill.

Cam you see what champions do when they wanna win?

Bleacher Report graphics people have always been squad and this one was kind of perfect. Shaune definitely would’ve beaten Demarcus Ware and Von Miller to the ball she’s an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Afraid to comment

So many jokes.

The Jordan Face Meme will never die

Micheal Jordan has had a great PR month donating to multiple charities, giving away Jordan brand gear to fans, but none of that will ever erase the greatness of the Jordan meme.


I really wonder if Bahamian athletes talk about this when they hangout together. They have to right?

It’s funny cause it’s true.

Shaune has more skrilla than us and doesn’t really need this but damn if this don’t apply to a whole lot of you out there *insert looking eye emojis*

Only one person’s flawless in this pic fam

Who knew there were so many pictures of people diving online.


New background for my phone. Check.


Y’all made soulja boy relevant in 2016. Good Job

We sent backup for Arianna

I mean she probably could medal in swimming.

This seems salt driven.

Someone with the last name Felix made this.


Another Felix family meme.

Yo, a lot of FNM’s have MemeGenerator on their phones.

BTC the commercial writes it self, this seems impossible to mess up.

To close to home.

The men’s 400M final featured a world record, a slew of sub 44 second times and looked to be the track and field highlight of the games.

That was until Monday night.

Shaunae Miller delivered a moment that will be memorialized in highlight packages, memes and used as motivational fodder for Olympic hopefuls for years to come.

The salt, the jokes and bars back and forth on twitter are all in good fun, but at the end of the day there’s only one result that matters. Just ask Alyson Felix.

Stay Woke.