A Look Ahead To Music Masters


Last year was the first year of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival and everything sonically and visually was basically new territory for Bahamians. We had a basic understanding of the way Carnival should sound, and obvious expert knowledge of how Junkanoo should look, but how would creatives mesh the two to produce one cohesive product.

Aesthetically, I believe the costumes reflected the theme perfectly, but it seems like in 2016, the festival will make a more concentrated efforts in paying homage to native Bahamian roots. When it came to the music – the artists had a short time to really figure out how to combine Rake & Scrape with Soca, but many of them were able to make that adjustment and produce quality work. Artists like Sketch , Bodine and Lady E were some of the standouts in 2015 and with the experience of last year, the country will hear an even better product at the official Carnival Launch / Music Masters Semi-Finals in Freeport on April 15th and 16th.
Some of the early standouts include Jive, Ebony, current Music Master Sammi Starr and Lattia! Check out the songs below & check back on April 17th to see the breakdown of the 10 Music Masters Finalists.