Things We Would Pay KB $150,000 To Do

This week taught us a lot about overcharging. There are some people that would ask a ridiculous price for something you can easily get for free (see Jay-Z and Tidal) and others that would charge a ridiculous price based on delusions of grandeur (see asking price for some of our local artists to perform at Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival). Are we picking on KB? Yes. Is it hilarious that in three weeks he went from anti-carnival, to pro-carnival back to anti-carnival? Absolutely. Of course it’s not up to us, but the 10th Year Seniors Staff had a few ideas of what we would pay KB and  for that asking price….If we had a Sebas level of money of course.

  •  – NOT show us his roachie, centipede or spider.
  •  – Debate Young Thug on the virtues of musicianship
  •  – Get Leslie Miller to give a coherent explanation for why we shouldn’t switch to alternative energy.
  •  – Replace Ray J as the new guy that tries way too hard to be on The Money Team
  •  – Succeed Odin Lloyd as Aaron Hernandez’s “blunt master
  •  – Follow you around and be a live “Just Cause She Fat” app that you would play anytime you saw hefty girls walking around eating ice cream
  •  – Take on Ronda Rousey in a no holes barred bare-knuckles back alley brawl.
We can ask Ronda to go easy?


  •  – Try to guard Steph Curry for a quarter and not end up on his ass.
  •  – Become the personal barber for the Duke basketball team
  •  – Recreate the midget battle scene from Joffery’s Wedding episode of Game of Thrones with Dyson Knight
  •  – Freestyle battle against Kevin Hart (Chocolate Drop)
  •  – Wrestle a black woman for remote control supremacy when Empire is on and somehow survive.
  •  – Go to the CONCACAF beach soccer tournament in El Salvador and actually watch soccer.
Cause boy….


  •  – Serve as Floyd Mayweather’s financial adviser when he retires and keep him from going bankrupt.
  •  – Go on a study of the Bermuda Triangle…in a hurricane
  •  – Go on air every day and call Sannie a “child” again and again just to see her reaction
  •  – Perform 50 shows in one night (what it would actually take for him to make $150,000 in one day).
  •  – Answer Jameis Winston’s hate mail
  •  – Make a song that didn’t have that one classic junkanoo beat, because seriously you could play all of his songs on one continuous loop
  •  – To go away (which may be what the Carnival Commission did)


And while we’re at it…..


Things we would pay Baha Men $300,000 to do

  •  – Mold all their individual Grammys into one, fight a Baha Men only Royal Rumble, with the winner being the one that gets to keep the Grammy and use it at parties to hit on girls.
  •  – Write ONE international hit song that won’t end up in a kids’ movie.
  •  – Score 6 goals for the Bahamas on grass.
  •  – Have a secret show where they play that song from the world cup album that they can’t actually legally play.
  •  – Out coach Roy Williams in Kendal Isaacs Gym.
  •  – Be big somewhere other than Japan.
Pictured: Bahamen on their last Japan tour


  •  – Become crime fighters like Oliver Queen, Roy and the rest of the team from Arrow
  •  – Drink 300,000 gin and coconut waters.
  •  – Stop John from bringing up UCF in our podcasts.
  •  – Drive around in a customized GMC van as soldiers of fortune helping people solve their problems.
I pity the fool who would pay them six figures
  •   – Spend an entire week in Game of Thrones character mode with no breaks whatsoever…home, at work, grocery store
  •  – Give their Grammy to Machel…or at least the guy that originally came up with “Who Let The Dogs Out”

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