Expert Analysis of the NCAA Tournament, Day One

The first day of the 2015 NBA tournament is in the books. We at 10th Year Seniors generously offer our expert commentary and insights to you, the dedicated March Madness viewer.

So without further adieu, here it is, an overview of day one of the NCAA Tournament told though our quotes.

“Stanley Johnson is that nigga” – Taige


“The UK game got the hottest sideline reporter…people are scouting the Wildcats for more than just the NBA” – Renaldo

“Kevin Ware brought that good Karma to Georgia State. I hope the next guy to break his leg in a gruesome injury on the national stage comes to UWA” – Taige

(Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC)
Good Karma: Coming soon to Livingston, Alabama


“Nothing good has ever come out of Ohio except this one girl who danced for the Magic named Danielle. They’re losing in the second round.” – Dakarai

“Great day for nepotism. Two coaches sons hit game winners for their dads.” – Renaldo

Ron Hunter
Coach em up coach!


“Harvard couldn’t execute KJ’s game plan from the Summer of Thunder. Either that or they didn’t have DeAndre Ayton and Kino Burrows.” – Taige

Harvard could’ve used Kino


“I can’t believe Kentucky isn’t paying these guys more. It’s an insult to capitalism because 100K isn’t enough.” – Dakarai

“During the UK game I thought: ‘I would’ve went for 12, 10 and 4 blocks on Hampton. I would’ve went for 0, 0, and 0 on Kentucky….with 10 turnovers.” -Taige

“The Duke cut isn’t just the Duke cut…it’s a generational epidemic. Brushes and combs all across the NCAA universe are going unused.” – Renaldo

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“How to use a brush 101”: A class not offered at Duke


“The tournament gave us a good reason to not give a shit about Scandal last night. Not that we gave a shit before. I wish games started when Empire was on.” – Taige

“One down. Five to go. I’m not entertained.” – Renaldo