Mind over Mud: Are You Up For The Chickcharney Challenge?


The obstacle course race trend is becoming more popular around the globe and now Bahamian extreme sports enthusiasts have an opportunity to compete at home.
The Chickcharney Challenge will premeire, Sunday February 8 at Clifton Heritage Park at 7am.
Open to all participants 17 years and older, the first obstacle challenge of its kind in the Bahamas will feature more than 15 obstacles over a three mile course.
Part of the proceeds will benefit the Bahamas National Council for Disabilities.
Event coordinator, Chester Robards, said the idea to host the race stemmed from his personal experiences in similar events.

Aerial shot of the course
Aerial shot of the course

“The idea for the race came from competing in the Tough Mudder,” he said, “It’s a great outdoor activity and not enough people spending enough time outdoors doing both fun and challenging activities.”
Obstacles include the “Ripped Seam Beam, Chickcharney Channel, Muddersic” and the “Help Me Bey.”
“Clifton Heritage Park was a good spot, and when we first approached them with the idea, their response was overwhelming. The partnership works because it showcases the park and they have a mandate to get people through the gates. The course allows you to experience the beauty the park has to offer, melding their idea with ours,” Robards said, Natural obstacles that exist in the park that will be tough. We have water obstacles, walls to go over, mudpits to crawl through. It will definitely test your resilience, strength and mental toughness but at the same time it’s not so difficult that it’s impossible to get through.”

The course goes under certification

Sign up at Jemi locations in the Seagrapes Shopping Centre or Caves AVillage and at Pappasurf in the Henrea Carlette Plaza, West bay Street for a fee of $75.
Teams of four that cross the finish line together are eligible to win cash.
Top finishers receive cash and prizes and veryone who finishes receives a signature jersey.
“The response has been excellent, people have been nervous about it but they have been interested,” Robards said, “We are definitely pushing the the team aspect of it because while it is a competition, it’s meant to also build bonds with your competitors as you test what limits you can push your body to.”
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The Chickcharney Challenge is sponsored by Jemi Wellness Bahamas, Clifton Heritage National Park, Builders Mall, FYP and the Tile King, Rashad Penn Photography and Pup Star Entertainment.