Bahamas Bowl Prediction


The Popeyes Bahamas bowl is fast approaching, and both Conference USA and The Mid-American Conference are gearing up for the bowl season.

But before they can even think about which bowl they will go to, both CUSA and the MAC are looking to crown their champions.

Marshall, after their heart breaking loss to Western Kentucky, will host Louisiana Tech on Saturday, while the MAC championship game will be  contested between Northern Illinois and Bowling Green held at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

I feel that the winner of both conferences should get the nod at being invited, but we all know bowling season can be tricky to deal with.

There are many times that Bowls will trade spots with other teams because of location, or matchups that they would prefer.

At 11-1 Marshall was in prime position to make a new year’s Access Bowl, but with their recent let down, don’t be surprised if C-USA is looking for a way to get them into a bowl game with a Power 5 opponent.

That leaves us with Louisiana Tach, who has quietly had a great season and looks to upset the Thundering Herd.

The MAC seems to be straight forward. I can confidently say that the winner of the MAC championship game will be getting the bid to play here in the Bahamas.

Fans from both cities Northern Illinois, which is 65 miles from Chicago, and Bowling Green located in Ohio, will be happy to get out of the cold and enjoy some time in a tropical paradise.

December 7th is the date that we will officially know who will be coming to the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, but as everyone likes to do I have my predictions.

My Prediction

Louisiana Teach v Northern Illinois

Who I really want

Marshall v Northern Illinois