College football Recap: September 1, 2014

It was the first Saturday of what was suppose to be an epic season.
My bubble burst with a college kicker at 11:30 AM, when Penn State beat UCF in Ireland. Other than that, this Saturday told us what to expect from some teams this season.
FIU, well they lost to a HBCU team for the second year in a row. Lets say they are more worried about kicking out reporter than playing football. If you go to an FIU game…. The tailgate is the reason to be there.
Ohio State should have that 5 next to their name removed. Navy was keeping it close for a while. Ohio State will lose about 3 games this year since losing Braxton Miller. UCLA is vastly overrated as the offense was garbage. Virgina is not a good team and UCLA proved that all this hype they have need to be done with.
West Virgina was pretty impressive. When i saw that their QB was 175LBS i thought he was going to get taken off on a stretcher. He is going to give WV hope this season, he shredded the Bama D, which was suppose to be the only side of the ball they had no concerns over. Bama though will get better as long as they keep one QB in the game.
As you can see Notre Dame missed their QB last season, and Golson did not disappoint on his comeback. When Brian Kelly has a QB he will always produce a top 15 team.
Georgia has a million running backs and just ran all over Clemson. Gurley is a MAN playing with boys. If he is not a first round pick or becomes the Heisman favorite then the voters are stupid. Clemson needs to play for the future now and play their 5 star freshman QB. He will be a stud.
FSU took a step back. I knew that Oklahoma State would keep it competitive, as they have a high power offense and brought back a very experience D. Jamies is living to much in the past and misses his number 1 bail out receiver Benjamin. The D could be taking a step back this year, but like i said don’t sleep on OKState.
LSU…. WOW…. come back from 17 and win a game that this early in the season is making the sec scared. You could have easily called it quits, but we know why Les Miles always produces NFL players…. Never let his players quit.
My college football ESPN Pick-ems this week…. 9/10 DAMN YOU PENN STATE KICKER…..
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