5 and Out


Football has started and this Thursday provided us with a lot of shocks. Here’s a quick recap of Day 1 in College Football.

First – The ERA of Kenny Football is here, who shredded the South Carolina defense for a tune of 511 yards and 3 passing Touchdowns. Everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon quick, but don’t be surprised if the wheels fall off during the season.

Second – We have found out that this P5 v G5 separation is garbage. If conferences were so powerful, there is no way that Vanderbilt a SEC team should be beaten by a bottom dweller of the AAC, Temple, by 30 points at home. Wake Forest also showed they are in the ACC for the pay-check at they were defeated by a lowly sunbelt team, Louisiana-Monroe.

Third – We found out once again that the SEC runs college football, as Vanderbilt were able to have Anchor Down on their uniforms, get charged a time-out for illegal uniforms, to later get their timeouts back because the SEC approved the uniforms….. Take that NCAA.

Fourth – College kickers are who we though they are. During the Tulane vs. Tulsa game the kickers miss 3 chip shots. Tulane’s kicker missed a 25-yard game winning FG and then proceeded to lose in overtime. It incredible how awful kicking/punting can be in the NCAA. Ever notice that the NFL kickers come from schools/places you have never heard of before.

Fifth – Pre-season rankings need to go. There is no way to rank teams before the season starts. South Carolina brought back the youngest team in the NCAA, finished 4th in the finals poll last year, get rated 9th, and then proceeds gets smoked by Texas A&M. They need to let the season go 4 weeks into the season before they start ranking teams to get a gauge of how good or terrible they are.