Delancey inks deal with Red Sox

Chad Delancey was known in the iElite classroom for one saying that left an impact on his teachers and peers in the classroom – “Your true character is who you are when nobody’s watching.”

iElite’s Arlene Major said Delancey will undoubtedly bring that passion and dedication to the Red Sox organization.

“He was my philosopher. I would turn to him and start that sentence and he always finished it with those words, ‘Your true character is who you are when nobody’s watching,’ I hope he carries that lesson with him when he goes to the Red Sox,” she said, “Take the foundation and the things that you were taught here with you when you go to the Red Sox. To the parents, well done. No student athlete is going to make it without the support of a good strong family.”

Delancey officially joined the Boston Red Sox organization in their International Signing Class of 2023.

“I’m grateful for the support of my small village who has groomed me into who I am today. My mother gave me a deal that I had to prove to her that I was committed to a sport and she would be behind me. She never relented from that promise. Every game, every trip, every expense, my mother supported me 100 percent. I am truly grateful for her sacrifice. Not only did I work hard for this blessing, we worked hard for this blessing,” Delancey said, “Thank you to the Red Sox for betting on a kid like me described as a late bloomer.”

He is also the first Bahamian prospect signed by Bahamian area scout for the Red Sox – Dominique Collie.

Collie was a former minor leaguer and international signee himself for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2017 and has now moved into the front office.

Chad Delancey and Dominique Collie

“It’s a special moment for me signing my first Bahamian baseball player and I know it won’t be the last,” Collie said, “We always loved how passionate Chad has been about the game. He was always trying to find what can make him better, not just what was on the field but his mindset toward making him better.

iElite coach Stephen Curtis recounted Delancey’s introduction to program and lauded his growth over the years.

“Six or seven years ago at JBLN, Ian Lewis, now with the Miami Marlins, came to me and said he had a next iElite prospect. He brought me over to watch Chad play catch and the rest was history,” he said, “At a young age he was always a perfectionist and as he started to mature in his mindset that’s when we knew he developed from ‘Lil Ceez’ to Big Ceez.’”

Red Sox Assistant GM Eddie Romero said he anticipates Delancey’s versatility on the defensive end to supplement his offensive profile.

“He’s somebody who came on late and can play all over the place, we’ll probably throw him in a very versatile defensive role, where he’s going to play the corners and second base, but he’s got a pretty good swing and bat speed. He runs well. We need to get him in the system and get him strong but he’s got some twitch to his game, depending on which way the body goes will probably end up on a corner, but really hard worker and needs work defensively but the offensive profile is there.”