We, The 40+ Bahamian Millennials, Are Tired Of Everything (Respectfully)

By Drew

There’s always conversations around what was presumed to be “The Greatest Generation”. A hilariously awkward conversation when you think about it because they don’t take into account that it wasn’t super great for ALL of those folks. Imagine fighting for your country, murdering the opps (enemies) in the name of freedom and then you get home, alive, to this…

“…oh you were a soldier in Korea? Well here in America you’re still a nigger….thanks for all the government funded murder tho!”

So to say they’re the “greatest generation” is a bit of a stretch. There is no “greatest generation” and to say that there is is both subjective and honestly a little arrogant on a level.

That being said….

Fuck y’all, we 80’s and 90’s babies are the greatest generation and I mean that. #@YaMa

But being the greatest generation, which we are, doesn’t come without its scars, bruises and bumps. Some of us really have PTSD from all the shit we been through and CONTINUE to go through. We are tired of everything so let’s talk about it.

We are tired of y’all new slang

Know what I love? I said “opps” earlier and half of y’all were like, “I know what that means” and the other half were like…

“Opps? What this boy talkin bout?….to urban dictionary I go!”

With y’all old asses.

Myself included by the way.

When niggas taught me what “no cap” meant (go google it. Ine explainin all dese tings) I decided I was done and that would be the final young person slang I would allow to corrupt my already fucked up mind. I remember when “everyting cool”, “we cool but ween freezing”, “…no but real talk” and “yeah ya see” all came out. We were orators. We spoke with the cadence and majesty of kings and said words that made commoners quiver in their seats from the linguistic complexities of our words. I had my old lady SHOOK….

“Everyting cool ya know, mommy. Real talk don’t even stress bout them dishes for real. You straight. Still ya see” – Andrew said niggerishly.

My mothers response was ghetto and wanting…


I get it.

From slavery days we created coded language and songs to spread news and confuse the enemy. And, I gotta say…..worked like a charm.

They enslaved African Americans for 400 years, guys. #NoCap

So do your thing, youth. We had our time and now it’s your turn to confuse us with nonsense words and verbiage. Just…please, if you’re talking to an old nigga like me just use normal words because I’m just gonna smile and nod and then continue about my day as if you said virtually NOTHING to me.

We are tired of being tired

No but like I woke up tired tho.

How does one wake up tired?

I made fun of my grandmothers for years because I thought they were both retarded for saying, “He wake up dead”. Now I’m wondering if they were less island women and more scientific than I could have ever imagined.

“In summation….the cat wake up dead” – My grammys #Science

Everything makes me tired.

You could ask me on Tuesday if I want to do something next week Sunday and, if it doesn’t include sex, food and or liquor, I’m already tired just thinking about whatever bullshit event you want me to attend. I’m at a place in my life where if your parking for the event ain solid then ine comin. I was supposed to meet a friend at the Jazz bar at Bahamar the other night. I only had cash for the valet forgetting they only take card so I left and went back home cause the fuck I look like WALKING to Bahamar?

You heard me.

WALKING TO BAHAMAR cause what the shit is that walk if not a journey of a thousand miles?

Pictured above: Me walking through Bahamar parking lot trying to get to SLS

When the valet told me they only take card my immediate and literal reaction was…

That night, I chose me

I love my job and I still tired of working. I am tired of tryna build this generational wealth. Tryna go to the gym, stay healthy, take my vitamins, stay spiritual, stay hydrated, maintain friendships/relationships with family, help my sisters with the school (Pembroke), make sure mommy straight, hold down 5 jobs, write this shit as we speak in the wee hours…..and all that is bullshit compared to some of y’all that was havin condomless sex and now y’all have humans to take care of.

Bruh….if you are an in-shape parent that works and doesn’t drink or do drugs then please drop your location so I can send the police to your home IMMEDIATELY.

“..so you just out here raw doggin life with all that responsibility and have no toxic proclivities? You’re a murderer, beloved. I’ve called the authorities….”

Understand, people, that the 40+ are tired of being tired only to wake up tired and then go be great while legitimately wanting to slap everyone in the room because, and say it with me now, WE ARE TIRED.

We are tired of the PLP AND FNM

Ine ga lie, I think this the last time my generation is voting for party over people. I wasn’t mad when Brave got in cause we had to get Minnis the fuck outta here. You know you doin bad when the Blair and Eastern road white folks ain on your run. That’s when you REALLY fucking up, as an FNM no less.

“…no but seriously, guys, what this nigga doin? Who signed off on this nigga? I’m looking at you Brent Symonette cause WTF?”

We’re here now in this moment of Brave trying to mend the country as we are financially broke and crawling back to normalcy. But Brave, Pintard and (insert name here of whoever running the DNA seeing as they can’t keep a leader like Nia Long can’t keep a nigga but I digress…) this y’all last lap. Y’all got another 2 years to do y’all shit. But I’m telling y’all now, the next election will be and MUST be different. We are TIRED of both y’all parties. We are not the generation that gives a fuck about the christian council. You showin up to my mommy church to posture like you don’t have that man wife vagina juices on your face mixed in with scotch, cigar smoke and lies ain ga get you elected this lap. I’m tryna see debates, my nigga. Hosted by Kyran Darron Turnquest and moderated by Theodore Sealy.

No one poetically reports on impending doom like Theo…tell the truth.

“Does the FNM have life after, what seemed to be, political death? Is the PLP on death row? I have 2Pac(k)s of ideas but let’s take it to the original Bad Boy, Kyran Turnquest…..Kyran?”- Theo (You read this in his voice didn’t you?)

Get y’all shit together. Legalize marijuana, get rid of the Christian council, make marital rape illegal and so help me leave Minnis where y’all met him: being mediocre at vagina stuff. Y’all got 2 years to get your shit straight because to be clear: We are NOT our parents. You’ve been warned.

We are tired of Being broke

My parents built a 4 bedroom house with $685, hard work and prayer. Some of us are married, have disposable income and can get a loan for a 2022 Benz before they’ll give us a loan to buy a townhouse. It’s almost like these banks are trying to actively make sure we aren’t homeowners at this point. The stars have to align for you to get ANY kind of homeownership nowadays.

“Ok, so remember Beverly from church? She got eaten by her cats cause she did live alone. Her son owns a part of Google and didn’t need the money so he called me on my personal number and asked me if I wanted a house for $800 and girl you know I was tired sleeping with mommy in her marital bed so….”

That’s how the stories sound when I hear of people our age with newly bought homes. We are the 2nd generation tasked with generational wealth.

Well….some of us.

Some of y’all reading this confused like…..

“…wait so y’all parents didn’t buy y’all a duplex for y’all graduation? OMG how long have y’all been poor?!?!” –  Some Lyford Cay school kid.

A lot of us were able to go to private school, college and even get our masters. But our parents fought tooth and nail to keep us broke amongst y’all niggas just so we had a fighting chance to be better and more financially secure than they were. That’s going awesome considering our parents voted party over people, didn’t have the internet to disprove the bullshit politicians were spewing and more or less were so preoccupied with building wealth and raising 4 kids by the age of 32 that they really didn’t pay attention to the signs of the impending financial catastrophe.

Pictured above: Our Parents

And this is it. There is no help coming. Clint and Brave clearly on tour with Travis Scott and Bad Bunny….

“Jesus, Abaco emailin me AGAIN about this damn hurricane from 3 years ago. Can’t even enjoy auntie Lizzy funeral in peace. It’s giving needy! #CatchFlightsNotAccountability”

We will get through this.

We will see the plan through and we will be ok.

That being said…I’ve started making wigs, avocado skin condoms and post-pandemic anti-masks. To find out more: like and subscribe to my youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Black Planet and or Hi5 for more info @WeGaDie across all platforms.

See you soon!

We Are Tired Of Being Strong

Do y’all understand what we’ve been through?

Check this list..

Hurricane Andrew, the death of Lynden Pindling (regardless of your political leanings the man is a key part of our history so please @ ya ma), Bush Sr, Monica Lewinsky, Bush Jr, 9/11, Biggie/TuPac murders, Milli Vanilli, The Gulf War, The Iraq war, 2 recessions going on a third, now the Russia/Ukraine War, Carole fucking Baskins, the death of Blockbuster/SuperVideo, the death of ToysRUs, Anthrax, Y2K, Brexit, the death of Kobe Bryant/Whitney Houston/Michael Jackson/Prince/J Dilla/ Big Pun, a goddamn pandemic, hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Mathew, Minnis…..and I’m sure someone in the comments will add some more shit I missed and guys I just…

….we just…..we tired y’all…thas all….we tired

We Are Tired Of Kingsway Not Having A pool

…ine ga stop till y’all make it right #WhereIsMyCookieMoney!

Be safe tho