Happy Mother’s Day! (For Those That Remain and Those That We Have Lost)

By Drew

Its kinda weird to celebrate Mothers Day is it not?

You’re literally saying thanks to your mother for having (I’m assuming) wild sex with your dad 39 years ago and….ya know….without a condom. Imagine being that specific when texting your mom Happy Mothers day today.

“30 years ago you gave daddy the gift of finishing inside of you and here I am. Thank you mommy for allowing daddy to cum repeatedly on that fateful night!”

Here at 10thyearSeniors we love our mothers a lot. Unless you grew up with your mother beating you with a crowbar or maybe verbal abuse, I don’t trust a nigga that DOESN’T love their mother. However we would be remiss of we didn’t also keep in mind those that may have lost their mothers. Those who, on this day may, be going through it. Just know you are in our hearts and minds. I can’t imagine a world without my mother. Trust and believe y’all do NOT wanna see me if and when my mothers passes away. It’s gonna be bad.

“Bey… Its been like 4 days and Andrew refuses to leave Oh Andros and has put on, it seems, ALL the weight”

So rest in peace to the mothers we have lost. And, please, check on your friends who HAVE lost. You can give your mother that last minute card you bought from CVS later.

“Ok so we’ll just cross out the “Father’s” and….who is good at cursive? Someone call John John wife Tia….see if she can fix this”

Anyway….pardon us for flexing but these are the queens that had sex and made it possible for us to report sports and write dick jokes and say the word “fuck” on a social media platform.

Needless to say they are proud of us.

Happy Mothers day to ALL mothers today and I hope you ALL have a great day.

…not you…

And Rest in Paradise to all the mothers we have lost.

Be safe tho.