The New Lockdowns And Why ALL Bahamians Are To Blame

By Drew

I don’t flex often. A moment to brag, if I may. My grand uncle is Freddie Munnings. My grandfather, Pembroke Hanna, managed the legendary “Cat and Fiddle” while married to Freddie’s sister, my grandmother, Gwendolyn Douglass (Great grandchild of Frederick Douglass). My father’s brother was Ronnie Butler. What was my contribution to the Bahamian zeitgeist u ask?

It’s not much but it’s honest work #AdiaIDoBelieveI’veFailedYou

But, the flex I’m most proud of, is that my mother, the smartest woman I know, is the first infection control nurse ever in The Bahamas.

I fail this woman more times before breakfast than you can imagine. Thank God for my sisters #Balance

I don’t brag often and if I do I do so with intent. It was her that I went to when this pandemic happened. Not seeking solace but for her to help breakdown what’s going on right now. I asked her, shortly after our Prime Minister announced this new wave of lockdowns, who she thought was to blame for yet ANOTHER lockdown. She paused on the phone, I can literally hear this woman think on occasion as she did yesterday. She intellectually planted her feet and was cast iron, as only a woman can be, and said, “We are ALL to blame”. Its in light of her words that we have to look ourselves in the mirror and realize that ALL Bahamians are to blame for this new wave of lockdowns.

The irony of all of this is that there are some people that will say, “Ine even do nothin”. That may be true. You may have been following protocol to the letter, staying away from people, washing your hands, social distancing in lines and avoiding them where you could. You could even be Jonathan Marcus Nutt of 10thYearSeniors who took a different approach…

“Fuck this I’m out….see y’all when Minnis stop doin shit” – John (We literally haven’t seen him in months….not kidding)

But we are ALL in this together whether we like it or not.

The innocent suffer for the guilty. If you have been absolutely perfect in your execution of the emergency orders then you, my (lying) friend are in the minority. Because CLEARLY the majority have been out here on some….

This was someone house during the Bodine/Wendi Verzuz

We pretending like politicians, essential workers, influencers, old people and young weren’t in some way breaking rules?

Y’all ain had y’all essential worker friends running liquor like cocaine during the last lockdown?

That’s the bullshit we selling this evening?

Niggas with bachelor degrees and car payments was out here like…

“Aight I got Stoli for $80 or 2 for $160…..don’t mind them BPL niggas they waterin down they shit with Barton ya see. My shit raw uncut” – somewhere out east

Ine forget.

We all did a little something to not help this situation.

I know I FOR SURE was fucking up like my mother doesn’t have a lung condition. I knew I was wilding when I was walking around my favorite bars outside deck, barefoot with no mask. I was on my black Jesus shit for a second.

“And lo I say to thee, that if thine words as man complainith about WAP then thine countenance be that of a bitch nigga. Selah” – Me as Black Jesus #NeverSaidI’dBeAGoodJesus.

I was wilding. We ALL were wilding to an extent. We all did some measure of harm to ourselves and those covid numbers.

I see a lot of people online barking at the government and saying they are to blame and they have no plan and they are more or less fucking up. To that I say…

Ummmm yes, my nigga.

That is 100% correct.

This government has handled this pandemic with the intelligence, integrity and fortitude of a gang of retarded monkeys on molly. Every time you see one of these politicians they sweating, incoherent and blabbering the same bullshit they did the lockdown before by blaming us alone like they wasn’t doing…


Minnis said We need anti covid T-shirts like it’s the goddamn full armor of God. What in the cinnamon toast fuck does a anti covid T-shirt do?

Am I taking crazy pills?

“Oh shit…she has on the shirt. Guess she’s immune to our desires to kill all the elderly she knows and loves. Sigh” – Covid-19 apparently

This government comes up with ideas with the intellect of small children that have lost their mothers. Its awe inspiring.

And don’t get it twisted, I was defending them.

In the early stages of this pandemic I defended these niggas. I was in the vanguard calling y’all dumb and heartless. I can admit that.

“Do y’all understand that this govt has had to deal with Dorian AND a pandemic? Y’all are so stupid and wrong and these words will NEVER come back to haunt me.” – Me
“Ok….its not good right now. But I trust Duane Sands and Dahl-Regis and if we just calm down and give them a chance…..”
Above: Actual footage of me when Duane left

I could pick a small group of Sandilands patients and they would probably make more sense and have more empathy than this present lot. And Brave “Rape whistle” Davis would have been no better just so we’re clear.

I have no evidence of this but….you know……

Rape whistle vs anti covid calypso song I mean…..#iCantMakeThisUp

Here’s the issue with you do nothing social media pundits: You fail to understand nuance. Both things can be true.

It can be true that the majority of Bahamians refuse to stay home, social distance, follow protocols and or be safe. That is 100% correct.

It can ALSO be true that we’re being lead (and I use that term loosely) by a government with no real plan moving forward besides throwing tourism at the wall and hoping it solves everything.

Its also true that y’all was TIGHT on twitter about the “too many white people in tourist ads” and now look at us…..just fucking look at us.

Y’all still mad or….? Looka the woke twitter niggas lol….


Calm down, kiddos.

You’re not wrong. Also, before someone yells it out, you’re right: tourism should NOT be our number one industry. Its too flimsy. We can’t sustain an industry built on, “Hopefully they like us and our stuff enough to come back tru god”.

We SHOULD be looking into the legalization of marijuana, agriculture, industry, solar panel factories etc. Here’s the issue: “The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with 1 step”. Weed won’t grow itself tomorrow just because you disagree that tourism shouldn’t be #1…..that’s not how plants work, beloved. I could see y’all now….


Tourism will have to take the front seat until we are able to put measures in place. That’s just the reality. But I digress.

Our Government failed us. That’s a fact.

We failed ourselves and our loved ones. That’s a fact.

I failed my family by not being more responsible than I was. That’s a fact.

Trust me this thing is EASY to catch.

My radio co-host Maurisa was exposed to covid last week Monday. She didn’t know that the friend who she went out with had covid until Thursday when the friend got her results. Maurisa (Mo) then got tested Friday to then find out Saturday that she indeed had covid. Don’t worry…

…she’s positive about it #SeeWhatIDidThere? #TrumpHasItTooSoItsAShotAtThemBoth #MoHasCovid

Because I was exposed to her all week, I then had to get tested and needless to say I was anxious. Not for myself as I am clearly a pillar of health and fitness…

….If health and fitness is being shaped like a used mattress then I’m the healthiest man alive.

No, my fear was for my mother. My sisters who own a daycare which would have had to close down for 2 weeks because of me and my friends and family I had been in contact with. Shit gets real when it’s happening to you.

Shoutout to Doctors Hospital West and the young lady who did my test. She was knowledgeable, sweet and gentle as she pushed the cotton penis up my nose so she could tickle my thoughts as my thoughts, I assume, whispered back to said cotton penis…

“Heen have covid, beloved. But giiirrrrrrllll let me tell you bout his Pornhub search history….”

Got tested on Saturday at 12:30 and had my results by Sunday at 8am.

I was negative.

But from Saturday 12:30pm till Sunday 8am I was FREAKING OUT. Barely slept, barely ate. I was on Web MD who told me I would either die or die slow. I was losing it. But I have no symptoms, I feel great and I’m ok…….and so is Mo.

Mo is perfectly fine.

But we’re relatively young. We have failed our elderly. We have failed those with pre-existing conditions.

WE have failed.

We failed when we voted party over people. Now look at us.

We failed when we let influencers show us their negligence and didn’t call them out on it.

“Covid brunch! Only the poors get covid. We can’t get it because we went to private school and we get 100 likes per post so….immunity!” – Bahamian influencers #Y’allDumb

We failed when we ignored the poor among us who can’t socially distance in a one bedroom house with 5 people.

We failed when we tried to put the blame solely on the government when ALL of us are Bahamian. ALL of us are a part of the problem.

And we’re failing now when we can’t come together, ALL of us, to be a part of the solution.

Arguing and posting on social media won’t fix it. Disparaging the poor, jobless, broken, hurt people for being as angry as they should be wont fix it.

I can’t tell people who are in terrible situations how to deal with their terrible situations. If they want to protest and riot then who am I to judge them? Y’all sit on these flimsy pedestals of an unquantifiable elitism that carries no weight. That angry protestor could be you. Plenty of us are one check away from that anger. Lower your voice when it comes to those that haven’t had a check since March.

I see y’all on Facebook.

“Why these stupid Bahamians don’t carry they ass home like me in my 2 bedroom apartment that I live in alone. Unrelated, I’m also a vegan for some reason” #@YaMa

The weekend lockdowns are happening regardless. It’s up to the Government to have a plan beyond them. It’s up to us to be safe, wear masks, socially distance and protect the vulnerable among us.

Its on ALL of us: Government & the people.

I have the first Infection Disease Nurse ever on this island to protect and on God I will do so until the end of me.

Who do you have to protect?

Then get to it then.

Be safe tho (literally this time)