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What Bahamians Are Learning During The Covid (And Why It Matters)

By Drew

I haven’t been writing as much. You always think that with more time there will come more self reflection, growth and learning. Apparently when I get more time I just eat and drink more while pretending to do pushups every day. This was me that first week…

I was so naïve then….so ignorant. So full of hope.

…this is me after drinking every day and eating everything the Diabetic association of the Bahamas told us NOT to eat….

Look at me. Just fucking look at me. #NoBra

We’re all suffering.

Especially niggas stuck in some weird sleeping pattern because of one nap they took a month ago, in the middle of the day, that lasted too long. Now they up until 5am every morning and sleep till 2pm. I see y’all posting weird shit at 4am on Facebook.

Y’all ain low.

“So we not gonna talk about how Simba and Nahla were cousins or we letting incest live during the pandemic?” Posted at 3:47am  #Y’allSoTired #GoSleepBeloved

So, here we are.

In the middle of a pandemic, Trump is president, Minnis is Prime Minister and Duane Sands left us like so many fathers left their children when they needed them the most….

No, Duane…..not like this. We never wanted it to be this way. Come back home, Papa Bro.

So let’s talk about what we have learned thus far during these days of……inside.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: I don’t think any of us expected most of us to be this dumb.

Imma let that breathe for a minute.

We good?


I can’t speak for y’all but, boy a lot of us dumb. And no, I don’t want to correct my speech and use a better or more politically correct term for these people.


You want me to call them ignorant?

This is ignorance…

“Bey, what the hell is 5G and why these stupid people so scared of it? I don’t know what it is but I just know niggas stupid just because that’s just how I feel with no more knowledge than they have”

…this is what dumb looks like….

“I did my research on this but decided to believe the thing on the internet that caters more to my fears and passion for being contrarian regardless of the facts presented to me. Lemme go under someone post and educate them….at length!” #ConfirmationBias

See the difference?

Two (2) doctors, 2 Infectious Disease professionals and the fucking WORLD told Bahamians that isolation and social distancing was what was needed to slow down this virus. Niggas then decided it was time to not do any of that.

Does the government lie about shit? Absolutely….

….what? Hey, I said I miss him I didn’t say that he DIDN’T fuck up. Both things can be true. #Balance

…but to act the way the majority of us did was dumb and dangerous. I hate that my kindergarten teacher, Ms Pernell, was right all along.

“If Ya dumb, ya dangerous…..and with his grades, Mr. Andrew Bain is the most dangerous child on this campus I would say” #iNeverForgaveHerForThat #SheWasntLyingButStill

We knew there was a D Average but we didn’t know it was so far reaching and so powerful. We also knew that there was a class divide on this island but we NEVER knew it was this bad.

We can complain and argue all day about why people aren’t social distancing and why people being dumb on the road but did we ever ask why most possibly can’t social distance?

It’s easy to type from your 2 bedroom apt with your boyfriend in the other room who has BEEN over you since the sex slowed up and realized neither of you can cook, and now he misses his side chick more and more….texting her on some….

“…she don’t even put the red and green sweet peppers or the red pepper flakes in the kraft dinner like you do. Not trying to be cheesy, I just miss you is all. I hope this finds you well.” #SheJuicin #FocusOnYourWifeBeloved”

Even I am guilty of looking down on people in lower income neighborhoods and talking shit. Driving through the hood like….

“Why the fuck BronKeisha and Wado them outside and not in their house social distancing? I HATE these broke niggas!!”

Only to get checked, and rightfully so, by my sister who sat me down and had to explain to me that not everyone has the luxury of “their own room”.

We forget that some people live in a 3 bedroom house with 10 niggas in that bitch. We forget that, while our modem is behind the big TV in the 2nd living room, that a lot of people have to go outside and thank GOD Ms. Moultrie didn’t put a password on her router so about 3 houses worth of people can access the precious internet we take for granted. 

Meanwhile, in ignorant influencer town….

“I’m going to be PISSED if I can’t brunch with my friends soon cause these ghetto people cant social distance. I mean how hard can it be?”

Pictured below…

…how hard it can be

We’ve learned that y’all really don’t fuck with y’all kids that heavy and you probably should have pulled out/used protection.

Don’t look at me like that.

I’m not saying you don’t love your kids. In fact, I KNOW you love your kids cause otherwise there would be a shit ton of “missing kids” on this road.

“I miss my baby but I know she would have wanted me to enjoy this disposable income and this hot girl summer I’m bout to have but I hope we find her soon maybe #SilverLinings”

Listen, its ok.

Its ok to love your child with the entireity of your being and protect them with every breath in your body but to also look at them like….

“…the trips. The fucking trips I would be taking if I didn’t love Hennessey and a nigga with a Honda with cold AC… #ButHereWeAre”

Y’all really don’t know them lil niggas. I see y’all calling teachers and freaking out cause you now gotta adult AND be a parent indefinitely….ALL DAY.

When this first started? Oh y’all was talking that good shit. I seen y’all….

“Bruh….real talk, I’m loving this time with Jordan. I’m learning so much. This Pandemic is truly a blessing and a sacred time to love and cherish my young one”

Listen, I don’t have kids so I have zero idea what you’re going through but….ummm….I don’t know….pray?

(I have no witty or smart solution for y’all. Godspeed tho.)

And boy, a big lesson we learned is just how quiet a lot of these popular Bahamians/influencers get when theres no audience clapping for them and theres limited clout to chase. I see y’all struggle instastories.

Y’all ain low.

When outside was open?

“Y’all could be taking trips like me but y’all rather buy wigs and take care of your male oppressors. Level up, stack your paper and hydrate then maybe you can get on my level. #Feminism #SingleAndLovingIt #I’mSkinnierThanYouHoes”

Now that the salons/nail spots closed, everyone home getting fat and now, in order to get that applause, you realize being fake woke and naked is not a personality trait so……them posts lil sad now.

“Shit….now I have to have an actual personality not centered around my body and trips and like….be normal. This is depressing!”

The “Catch flights not feelings” folks are legit sad and confused. The “I’m popular because I brunch with the other populars” have Throw Back Thursday’d us to fucking death over the past 2 months. The “My lifestyle is better than yours because I make more money than most of you” folks wasted ALL their good pics during the first few weeks and now they’re legit posting weird ass shit now.

“lol…doesn’t this look like a bird? Its beautiful how some things look like other things. We have so much to be grateful for during this time. Pay attention to the people who love you always. #LoveY’all #Content”


And make no mistake: I’m right there with ya.

No judgement.

When last y’all seen a Andrew/Naldo/Kari etc workout instastory? How many times I gotta post shit about missing the gym when no one gives a fuck? I knew gym niggas hit a new low when Miguel aka Frank posted a TBT gym instastory. That was our lowest point I think. That and watching Kayle strive during the covid while we all get fat…

Fuck this nigga, honestly. (No but seriously, he’s one of the best trainers on this island and he’s doing online shit so link him)

Don’t worry…. we out here too.

Not all of us tho.

Schin Nguyen has been out here explaining and entertaining the community and keeping us all informed.

God bless this mans patience and restraint cause if I ever did one of these videos I was cussin y’all out….in HD #He’sBetterThanMe

Harrison Thompson has been Harrison Thompson’ing the fuck outta this pandemic to the point where I am not COMPLETELY sure this wasn’t a lightskin conspiracy on the low.

Look at this nigga. Hydrated, emotionally intelligent, fucking glowing……ready to heal niggas from the pandemic that him, Miguel and Duane Sands probably created #StayWoke

I knew the virus was lightskin when you only got it by touch, breath and crying after sex… I assume lightskin niggas do….but I digress.

We learned that our government is not perfect. We learned that we can be innovative. We learned that we can change our mind about things.

Remember when Eyewitness news posted this story….

Peter Turnquest looks like he’s always on the edge of saying something like, “You poors need to shut the fuck up…..its the peoples OUR time!”

…and y’all was in the comments like this….

…remember when y’all was mad at me earlier for calling niggas dumb or…?

But now, because niggas eat a lot, y’all out here with Kraven, Kanoo….everyone all of a sudden have debit/credit cards AND REALIZE WHAT CASHLESS REALLY MEANS.


It took a global pandemic to bring us to our knees but it will take our Bahamian pride and spirit to get us off of them. NONE of us have been perfect during this. None of us are 100% ok. I talked to Naldo the other day and this was his response…

Same, my nigga. Same

A minor thing to many but the gym to us is a temple. So who am I to tell anyone the things they miss are arbitrary and dumb? For a lot of us those things are healing, self sustaining.

We had to learn to deal without those things and be ok.

I said it before, we are all in this together. But we cant come out of this the same…..we musn’t. Lets take what we’ve learned and be kinder, gentler, sweeter, more patient, more understanding.

If we don’t we’re fucked. Its as simple as that.

We will be ok and we will get through this. And, if we don’t, If worse comes to worse, if this goes left and it really does turn into a zombie apocalypse leaving thousands of innocent Bahamians dead in its wake….

…I just want y’all to know who to blame #LightskinAntiChrist #JustKiddingAllY’allNeedTherapyY’allBetterCallThisNigga

Be safe tho