Let’s Go to the Movies

Going to “the movies” has long been a favorite Bahamian past time. I remember when Goldeneye premiered here in 1997, it seemed like the movies were a really big deal.  Over time the idea of going to the movies, while still enjoyable has become a bit stale – long lines, theatres overrun with teens and pre-teens, the noisy group talking through the whole movie – we’ve all kinda been there done that.  So when news broke of a brand new, shiny, theatre overlooking Lake Cunningham, the ears of moviegoers across Nassau perked up in anticipation. At least I know mine did.

You heard things like IMAX and stadium seating.  You heard about restaurants and a complete entertainment experience for the whole family.

Enter Fusion Superplex.

This thing is yuge baby

Movie lovers like me have been salivating at the idea of this new theatre for quite some time now.  And outside of our jokes about whether they would be open in time for Avengers 10 (sorry, not sorry), the anticipation has been building and the moment we have all been waiting for is just about here.

Just in time for Oscar bait season, and (most importantly) well ahead of the release of Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 movies, Fusion Superplex will be open starting with a soft launch this Friday, November 23rd.

Oh and once it’s open, it’s open.  This isn’t some test run and then re-open later situation. From Friday onward Fusion will be open for business.

In light of that, here is a quick Q&A as to what you can expect from Fusion when it opens later this week.

What’s a soft launch?

Basically, some stuff will be open and fully functional, some stuff will be open and partially functional and some stuff you get to thirst over just a little bit longer.

Here’s what you have access to starting on Friday:

  • Cinemas – ALL OF THEM.  As a part of the soft launch all of Fusion’s theatres will be up and running.
    • Standard? Yes.
    • 4DX? Yup.
    • Pure VIP? Mmm-hmmm
    • XS3? Indeed.
    • IMAX? Oh hell yea.
  • Celsius Lounge – this includes Starbucks and Sub-Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream
    • I can’t say whether or not you can get Sub-Zero to make you a nitrogen caramel macchiato but here’s hoping that’s something we can get. (Make it happen Timmay)
  • Reboot Arcade
    • Arcade games? Check.
    • PS4? Check.
    • Xbox One? Check.
    • Virtual Reality? Oh hell yea.
  • Kids Zone
    • Think Chuck E. Cheese’s but here in Nassau.
  • Bar
    • Because I mean, why not hang out after a movie at the Altitude Bar and discuss all of the plot twists in the latest Christoper Nolan flick.

Is it worth the hype?

I got a chance to take a tour of Fusion Superplex last week and it was, in a word, amazing. I’ve not personally seen a theatre like this anywhere that I’ve ever traveled. I’ve not personally been to any movie theatre that offers a VIP experience with butler service etc.

Their IMAX screen is definitely the largest in the region. I for one can’t wait to see who survives Avengers 4 in IMAX. Oh and Aquaman is premiering December 21, so ya know IMAX ga be lit for that too.

All of the seats are really comfortable – like fall asleep in the movie and wake up tomorrow comfortable. It doesn’t matter which theatre you go in, you will be more than comfortable.

You get to sit in your seat and order dinner – at the movies. Steak while watching Widows? Why not.

You can rent party rooms for kids parties.

The water feature in front of the building can be customized.  Ya know someone getting engaged or at least proposing using that before 2018 is out.

Ya better be sure she saying yes if you using that though

What can you watch at launch?

IMAX is showing Fantastic Beasts.

4DX is showing Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Pure VIP is showing Widows and Robin Hood.

XS3 is showing Creed II.

Standard Theatres are showing Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Grinch, Widows and Robin Hood.


How much are tickets? Where can you get them?

Are they ready?

They have been conducting stress tests in anticipation of the launch because they know that we Bahamians like new things.

They’ve been running their box office, concession stands and kitchens through tests to make sure they are ready to handle the mass of humanity that will soon be at their doorstep.

In a nutshell, it appears that they have done and are doing everything they can to make sure that moviegoers experience is a tremendous one.

Wrap It Up

From everything I’ve seen and understand of Fusion Superplex it will be a moviegoers dream. A wide variety of movie theatre experiences, an arcade, a play area for kids, party rooms for rent, the largest IMAX screen in the region, a sensory movie experience via 4DX, butler services in VIP, and the list goes on and on.

So, I don’t know what you will be doing this weekend, but I’m going to be going to the movies. See you there.