Happy Fathers/Bedroom Bully Appreciation Day! (Free T-Shirt & Hat Inside)

By Drew


Don’t worry, kids: This one is short….

“Whew!!! I thought this nigga was bout to run on for another 2000 words!!” – Everyone

What is a “bedroom bully” you ask?

If I may quote one of the great orators of our time, “My daddy was a bedroom bully
bedroom bully for I man mommy”.

A timely message in this, these anti-bullying times!

Ah, Fathers day. The day single mothers grow a penis and pretend, on social media, like they did ALL the work that night in the Via Cafe bathroom when she thought a nigga who caught a ride to the club was a good idea to NOT use a condom with.

Based on this picture alone I know she pierced her sons ears 48 minutes after his birth and calls him her “king”.

I imagine between Mikes Shoe Store and Kelly’s, women spent 10’s of dollars to make the man, that had to spend 100’s on mothers day, as moderately happy as she gives a shit about.

Happy Fathers day! Enjoy this 10 minutes of online effort!

How can we fix this? How can you give the man in your life the gift he deserves….that doesn’t suck?


Post a picture in the comments of your baby’s daddy/father and your family/child. We have no parameters…..it can be funny, wholesome, sweet, weird…..whichever you chose.

8th Year Junior members, Dakarai, myself and the false god Ricardo Wells will judge your pics and the winner receives a free 10YS Tshirt….


..and a 10YS dad hat.

Should probably go with the white for those dads that have given up on fashion and “matching”

No picture is wrong and we will stop taking submissions at 11:59pm tonight. So post away and we will announce the winner tomorrow at 11am.

And while I have you, Happy Fathers day to all the men that are here and that have passed on. I wish you all a blessed day today and, if you’re lucky, years to come.



Have a happy and amazing bedroom bully appreciation day!

P.S. Honorable mention to our resident 10ys fathers and their families including Nal/Kaizen, Alexis/Lil Lexis, Timothy/Xi with the no eyes and John/Link.