Randy’s First Round Observations


Although the first round of the NBA playoffs isn’t done yet, several things have caught my eye so far during the early round matchups. Side note, I am a Thunder fan, so this past week has been extremely tough on me, seeing that we’re just one game away from entering a complete rebuild. So, without rambling on, here are some of the things that stood out  to me so far about the 2018 NBA Playoffs:


  1. Pelicans vs Trailblazers
  • Anthony Davis is who we thought he would be in the playoffs
  • Playoff Rondo and Beardless Mirotic are real, adding to the list of NBA super heroes (Untucked Kyrie, Hoodie Melo, Gang Sign John Wall etc.)
  • Although the Blazers got swept, the combination of Lillard and McCollum works… It’s just that the rest of the team is trash
  • Portland is doomed as long as Evan Turner makes $19 million each year


  1. Rockets vs Timberwolves
  • It’s too early to judge Harden and CP3
  • Harden is one of the five greatest isolation players ever
  • Karl Anthony-Towns may be the slowest pick and roll defender in history
  • Wiggins hates Jimmy Butler…. He has to
  • The Wolves still need a point guard, shooters and probably a coach who is equipped for today’s NBA, not the Bad Boy Piston era


  1. Thunder vs Jazz
  • Donovan Mitchell is the real deal
  • Joe Ingles looks like a P.E. Teacher
  • Westbrook’s style has to change for OKC to have a chance
  • Bye-bye PG, it was fun while it lasted
  • Melo is ready for the Big 3


  1. Warriors vs Spurs
  • Didn’t give the Spurs a chance. Stil…don’t
  • The Warriors may be the greatest team ever assembled
  • Draymond is elite, even though he doesn’t score a lot
  • Can we just simulate this last game?


  1. 76ers vs Heat
  • Better than I expected
  • James Johnson can’t stand the sight of Ben Simmons
  • Justin Winslow looks like an NBA player again
  • Whiteside is out the door
  • Wade is still leaps and bounds better than the average NBA player


  1. Celtics vs Bucks
  • Jaylen Brown is awesome
  • Eric Bledsoe definitely knows who Terry Rozier is
  • The Celtics will be a title contender for years to come
  • The Bucks are hard to watch, but Giannis is an amazing talent


  1. Cavaliers vs Pacers
  • Lebron vs Stephenson is great for the league
  • The Cavaliers now realize how good Kyrie really was
  • Hard to believe Oladipo and Myles Turner beat Lebron twice
  • Although the Cavs lost twice, no one truly believes the Pacers will win


  1. Raptors vs Wizards
  • Still waiting on regular season Lowry to show up
  • Derozan’s three-point shot isn’t a fluke
  • This probably will be Wall and Beal’s last series together